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Everything you need to know about a menstrual cup

April 5, 2016|

Here is something that’s not often talked about. Menstrual cups! Today our new Chinese Medicine practitioner Lauren is going to explain everything we have ever wanted to know about menstrual cups and make us wonder [...]

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What is considered a normal period?

March 22, 2016|

Here in the West, we view our menstrual cycle completely different to how the Chinese women view theirs. The Chinese have innate wisdom and approach towards their periods and menopause. They are educated about their [...]

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Vegetarian Lasagne with Cauliflower/Mushroom Meat

March 16, 2016|

The children and I absolutely love this vegetarian lasagne. It is nutrient dense and gives lasagne a new spin in our house rather than using pasta. We are currently working to strengthen gut health. You [...]