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Our Moxa Party Workshop

Our Moxa Party workshop is designed for ladies. This course is a must for those who suffer from painful periods, endometriosis, irregular periods, menstrual cramps, clots, bloating and amenorrhea.
In this course & tutorial you will learn:
How to use your magic MOXA stick.
How to treat Menstrual cramps with Moxibustion
When to use moxa throughout your cycle
Learn ancient techniques and pastes to apply to your belly button to regulate your cycle and warm your uterus
Learn about your menstrual cycle
Learn about your lady parts
What is considered a “Normal Menstrual cycle”
This course will be run by Amanda Waaldyk and Lauren Curtain. It will be a fun and educational evening. All participants will receive a manual and their own moxa stick.

The course is $65 and will be held on 20th April. To register your interest email reception@angea.com.au

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