Conscious Conception is a Two Player Game

While much of our focus at Angea is on supporting women throughout their fertility journey, we can’t forget that male’s make up 50% of the baby-making formula.

In fact, 40% of infertility in Australia is attributed to male factor infertility. While the male hormonal system is considerably less complex than female endocrinology, elements such as diet, lifestyle and environmental stress can all contribute to depleting sperm quality.

While a woman is born with her total ova count for life, sperm is regenerated every 70 days.

This is an empowering fact as by implementing simple changes to diet, lifestyle and environment your male partner is able to set his sperm up for ultimate success.
Some benefits of implementing a male fertility plan include improving overall quality and DNA of the sperm as well as ensuring you’re sending strong swimmers into the world. Why does this matter? Research indicates that oxidative stress is a common factor in male infertility which can be exacerbated by poor diet and lifestyle choices. At Angea, we equip you with all of the information you need to know in order to get your sperm fighting fit.

Research shows that sperm concentration has been in steady decline by almost 50% since 1940; this may be attributed to the extreme alterations in our environment and the modern lifestyle.

A Whole Body Approach

A male fertility treatment plan from Angea involves a whole body approach. We integrate the vast wisdom of Chinese medicine with nutrition and dietary therapy, lifestyle advice, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and fertility supplements.

The first known case of male fertility to be treated with Chinese medicine is from 610CE; it is the thousands of years of observational science of Chinese medicine that Angea’s male fertility program is based.

Our male fertility programs aims to support the symptoms associated with:

  • Low sperm count 
  • Low levels of testosterone
  • Infertility 
  • Low libido 
  • Low sperm motility 
  • Low sperm concentration
  • Low sperm morphology 
  • Erectile dysfunction

Research indicates that acupuncture as a standalone treatment may support sperm motility and viability.

Combine this with an intelligent and integrated approach to diet, lifestyle and supplementation and you have a whole body approach to conscious conception.

We work alongside Western biomedicine doctors to ensure you’re treated with a holistic approach. We’re not satisfied with “normal” results in male diagnostics, we’re looking for optimal signs of reproductive health.

We work with you to enhance your libido, improve your chances for higher quality sperm and ensure your health is in balance in order to bring a new child into the world.

Factors That Influence Male Fertility


There are some known factors that contribute to male fertility. The first is age as research suggests that pregnancy rates decline when the male is over forty, even if his female partner is under thirty-five. In Chinese medicine this is attributed to our levels of reproductive essence, which naturally decrease over time. Acupuncture may support the slowing down of this process, and your practitioner may prescribe a herbal formula that focus on the replenishment of your essence.


Stress is another main contributor to male infertility. We recommend both partners learn meditation during the conception process. Meditation guides you to downregulate into your parasympathetic response.


Alcohol has been linked to decreased production of testosterone, and in some cases of chronic alcohol consumption, decreased testicle size.