Navigating Your Way Through IVF

At Angea we honour each and every fertility journey. Whether you’re embarking on IVF with a partner, solo, a gestational carrier, donor or any other circumstance, we understand it is a tolling journey both physically and emotionally. We see our role to support you throughout this journey by providing you the space, information and sense of calm to feel empowered on your road to conception.

From waiting rooms to operating tables, IVF may feel mechanical, overwhelming and at times, isolating. Angea offers a space for you to disconnect in from the mechanics of an IVF journey and lean into a felt sense of being. After all, fertility is a journey of creativity, flow and stepping into your greatest power as Woman. Our clinic in Prahran offers an urban sanctuary where you’ll be met with expert care coupled with a sensitive touch.

We not only provide you with a supportive and nurturing environment to carry you through this feat, we also provide you with the latest research into IVF and acupuncture to inform you on your journey.

We aim to set our clients up for ultimate success by sharing everything we know from over a decade of supporting families reach their conception goals.

Integrative Care

IVF is a complex and specialised form of medical intervention and at Angea, we partner with your chosen IVF specialist to ensure you’re provided with an integrated treatment plan.

Acupuncture offers a whole body approach through its ability to regulate your mental state of being by down regulating recipients into their relaxation response, but research also indicates it increases blood flow to the uterus thereby improving chances of implantation. In this sense, Angea provides a mind, body, spirit treatment plan.

Partnering with Angea on your IVF journey means you’ll be met with:

  • Emotional wellbeing and support
  • Stress management techniques to ensure you’re operating from a place of relaxation and regeneration
  • Diet and nutrition advice dependent on your presentation 
  • A true partner that holds the map and the torch but empowers you to navigate the journey

Angea has been supporting modern families on their fertility journeys for over a decade – you can trust partnering with Angea means the highest quality of care.

Your Initial Consultation

An initial consultation for IVF Support at Angea involves a comprehensive fact finding mission as our practitioners get to know you as a person. Of course our practitioners seek the latest biomedical diagnostics available, but we also take time to look into your eyes, forge a connection and understand you and your goals.

Following your initial consultation your dedicated practitioner will devise a treatment plan. This may involve acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, hands on healing like Fertility Massage or a combination of all three.

The cycle of IVF and acupuncture

Research into the benefits of acupuncture for those engaging with IVF is growing. Angea’s tried and tested IVF and acupuncture protocol has been created to optimise your success of IVF.

Prior to starting your IVF cycle

We recommend Preconception Care to all of our fertility clients, those on the IVF journey included. By engaging in appropriate diet and lifestyle upgrades, in combination with acupuncture, you’re optimising your body and mind.

Transfer Day

There is research that suggests receiving acupuncture on the day of transfer may improve outcomes.

Stimulation Phase

There are many side effects that have been associated with IVF including nausea, headaches and anxiety. Acupuncture may support these symptoms and benefit overall well being during this stressful time.

Egg Collection

Following Egg Collection we recommend acupuncture to support any local tissue trauma or bleeding.

Embryo Transfer

Acupuncture supports the relaxation response, we recommend pre and post transfer treatment to ensure a calm mind and body.

One week on

Following transfer of the fertilised embryo, we recommend weekly acupuncture treatments. This recommendation is based on the growing body of research indicating that acupuncture may assist with the decreased possibility of miscarriage. In addition to supporting and stabilising the uterus, acupuncture provides therapeutic benefits such as calming the nervous system, and down regulating into your parasympathetic, or rest and digest, state of being.