Women’s & Prenatal Yoga

Angea is proud to partner with Willow Urban Retreat to bring Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training’s signature women’s classes to a Melbourne yoga studio for the first time, beginning in February 2020.



6:15pm – Pre-Natal Yoga


6:15pm – Women’s Yoga

7:30pm – Fem-in-Yin


8:00am – Pre-Natal Yoga

9:15am – Women’s Yoga

Women’s Yoga 

MYPT’s Women’s Flow is a class for women of all ages designed to honour the female body and reflect the dynamic shifts of our cycles. Marrying fascial integration with traditional yoga, pranayama and meditation, this class will journey you back to the essence of self in a supported, nurturing space. MPYT’s Women’s Yoga incorporates yin / yang flow: expect strong movement, designed to foster internal strength, met with the enduring, equanimous and grounding nature of yin shapes. 


MPYT’s prenatal yoga is designed to support pregnant women from 12 weeks onwards to help prepare Her for labour and navigate pregnancy with more ease and comfort. This class incorporates pelvic floor integration and functional movement with traditional yoga in a smart, safe and supported sequence. A practice deeper than strengthening only the physical body, this class will shift you into a relaxed and informed state of mind, teaching you breathing and relaxation techniques to take with you off the mat and prepare you for labour. 


Yin yoga is a static practice that merges principles of Daoist Yoga (working with the meridians of Chinese medicine) with traditional yoga (working with the energetic mapping of the Chakra system) to create a grounding, nourishing and supportive practice. The shapes are generally held for 3 to 5 minutes to release deeply and bathe the connective tissue of the body with essential fluids required to lengthen, strengthen and support the joints. MYPT’s signature yin yoga class has a focus on the feminine nature of the practice and is open to both men and women. 

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training (MPYT) was created by Dr Amanda Waaldyk and Phoebe Cole. Amanda and Phoebe have had 20 wonderful years’ experience in their industries fuelled by a passion for women’s health and healing. They have combined their knowledge to form a practice that teaches women on finding their inner goddess and learning the power of the female body, mind and spirit. Steeped in the wisdom of yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, MYPT’s classes are based on modern research, clinical experience and knowledge from the obstetric, midwifery and physiotherapy community.