A Smart Girl’s Guide to Navigating Adolescence

Navigating your way through adolescence can be hard. It is important to know that there is no right or wrong way to “do” puberty. Some girls start maturing earlier than others, experiencing their first period around 10 years old. Others blossom later, sometimes their period arriving in their late teens.

Whether you’re an early or a late bloomer, or somewhere in between, we guarantee you are not alone. You might be thinking “is this normal” or “does everyone experience this?!” and that’s where we come in.

We’re here to tell you everything we know, and wished we knew when we were navigating our way through puberty, so you can thrive through yours.

Adolescence is an exciting time of your life as you enter the next phase of womanhood. You deserve to flow into it with ease, clarity, and armed with all of the information they don’t teach you at school.

The answer to your question may in fact be “no, that is not normal” And that’s ok. Not everyone has a ‘normal’ puberty experience, and actually, a lot of what we are told is ‘normal’ actually isn’t. That’s why it’s important to start the conversation, begin to listen into your body and educate yourself on the matter. At Angea, we are here to empower you and your body to become balanced and flowing through puberty with a little more ease (and information) than before.

Puberty can also be really awkward. Maybe you were the first girl in your grade to grow breasts? Or you notice that pimples start appearing around the time of your period and no matter what you do you can’t seem to get rid of them. Your body is going through so many different physiological phases at this time of your life, it is a lot to get used to. These things aren’t necessarily “normal” but rather physical ways that your body is telling you things might be a little out of balance. We play the role of detective, listening to how you’re feeling, what your body is experiencing and looking at your body as a whole to leave you feeling supported. We’ll also equip you with all the information you need to know as you enter adolescence (the stuff they don’t teach you at school!)

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you might want to start the conversation with your parents or a trusted source so that you can regain balance and become the happiest version of YOU.
  • Do you experience acne or weight gain?
  • Are you periods heavy or painful? 
  • Are you having a difficult time adjusting to the changes of adolescence? 
  • Would you like some gentle guidance or tips for puberty? 
  • Are you wondering when you’ll get your period?

So How Can Angea Help?

Periods and puberty aren’t anything new. Women are pretty amazing, and since the time of Eve, we’ve been ovulating and bleeding each month. In fact, it is probably the most normal and consistent thing to happen in the history of human race. The only “abnormal” thing about it is we tend not to talk about it very much!

At Angea, we will educate you and teach you what you probably already know about your body, and align it with modern science. Expect some “a-ha” moments as you rediscover aspects of yourself you may have been told to ignore. We educate and empower you to understanding your body as a girl. We’ll teach you how to listen to your body and trust what your body is telling you.
By starting the conversation about periods, we can help you identify if you need help in that department. We want you to be bursting with confidence and be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. We use a range of techniques and practices, including nutrition, exercise, herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture to help you regain control of your body. By teaching you the tools early on, we’re setting you up for a life of balance, harmony and ease. Each consultation is tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences, addressing each complaint with sensitivity and care.

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