The Countdown Is On

At Angea, we believe every woman should have the power to write their birth story. Of course, mother nature has her own vision for your birth, and there is strength in the submission to her power, however, surrounding yourself with a supportive team can set you up for an empowered birth experience.

The lead up to birth can be an overwhelming orchestra of emotions, from excitement and anticipation to, in some cases, downright fear. Acupuncture may be supportive in down regulating your emotional state of being into one of relaxation. A calm and balanced mind is reflective of a calm and balanced body.

Pre-Birth Treatment

Your midwife may recommend acupuncture for induction during your final weeks of pregnancy. We recommend commencing acupuncture for induction 4 weeks prior to your due date. We gently prepare your body for birth by increasing blood flow to the pelvic floor, encouraging your body’s natural processes.

The induction treatment is an opportunity for you to delve deep into your connection with bub as the acupuncture stimulates your relaxation response and our guided meditations during the treatment allows you to enter a state of flow. This is a time for you to relax and sit into the final weeks of pregnancy. Your body will be experiencing shifts during this time, and with the support of our practitioners, we ensure you’re able to flow with these shifts with ease.

Yoga Flow for Birth

In your third and final trimester we recommend our clients undertake the Mindful Pregnancy Yoga series to help prepare themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a series co-founded by Angea’s director, Dr Amanda Waaldyk. This series of nurturing yoga flow is designed to prepare the birth canal for birth, as well as including poses that can be used during active labour.

It takes a village

As a client of Angea’s we connect you with our conscious partners in the birthing space, from doula’s to meditation coaches to hypnobirth practitioners and beyond. We share our little black book to empower you to surround yourself with a talented team.