Committing to Conscious Conception

At Angea we believe that preconception care starts well before you may have even thought of pregnancy. It is woven into the fabric of how you live your life, and by fostering a healthy lifestyle before embarking on your fertility journey, you’re setting yourself and your future children up for the healthiest start in life.

In fact, recent research indicates that maximum benefits are received when a woman and her partner receive care throughout their reproductive years, not only when they begin trying to fall pregnant¹.

One of the early Chinese medicine doctors, Sun Simiao advocated for optimal health for reproduction since 581 CE and at Angea we continue advocate preconception care as a means to optimise health-related outcomes for both the couple and future children.

There is a growing number of research which indicates preconception care may improve both short and long term outcomes for mothers and babies.
The intuition of the human body is remarkable, and in Chinese medicine theory, if the body recognises an inability to sustain a pregnancy it will naturally switch off its ability to conceive. We liken this to signing up to a marathon without ever going for a run. You’re not exactly setting yourself up for the ultimate chance of success? Similarly with preconception care, we’re conditioning a healthy environmental state of being to set you up for success.

We do this by getting to know you as a person and working together to create a preconception care plan that makes the most sense for you. Our individualised approach means that you’re met with a program that suits your diet and lifestyle, and one that you’re more likely to follow.

Our goal is to set you up to be the healthiest version of yourself and position your future children for the healthiest start to life. This not only involves enhancing sperm and egg quality, but ensuring your internal environment is shining.

Preconception care is particularly relevant if :

  • There is a history of miscarriage 
  • You or your partner in conception are above the age of 40
  • There is a history of menstrual conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis 
  • You live a highly stressful life

We love that modern families come in beautiful and unique forms, so whether you’re journeying into fertility solo or with a partner, our team of dedicated practitioners will formulate the right preconception plan for your position. 

We recommend connecting with a practitioner a minimum of three (3) months to twelve months prior to wanting to fall pregnant. This ensures ample opportunity to not only maximise the quality of your eggs, but to create a harmonious environment to welcome a new life and identify any possible risks and initiate appropriate intervention.

Diet and Supplements

Diet has been shown to be a crucial element in preconception care. Diet is particularly imperative in cases of obesity, whereby studies have indicated that a 10% decrease in pre-pregnancy BMI may decrease stillbirth by 10%.

This finding is further supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which names preconception and prenatal care as one of six key strategies that have the potential to break the cycle of non-communicable diseases such as obesity. Furthermore, the susceptibility for adult-onset diabetes, cardiovascular disease and risk of cancer may be reduced by engaging in a preconception care program.

The benefits of diet and nutrition therapy far extend conception. Research indicates that body mass index, and obesity prior and during pregnancy influence successful breastfeeding.

By partnering with Angea on your fertility journey we provide extensive information on nutrition and appropriate supplementation that are aligned with the latest research in fertility.

Lifestyle, Environment & Stress Management

Angea’s preconception care program is not only about getting you into your peak physical health but mental health as well. Research suggests that the mental health of a mother preconception and during pregnancy can influence the mental health of the child which is why Angea advocates meditation and mindfulness to our patients.

Stress has been shown to impact ovulation as well as creating spasms in both the fallopian tubes and the uterus, in some cases this may interfere with the movement and implantation of a fertilised egg. Upon journeying to bring a new life into the world, it is recommended that your future child meets a harmonious and stress-free environment.

In addition to creating a harmonious environment mentally, your physical environment plays a significant role in your preconception care.

Our homes are often overcome with environmental toxins including heavy metals and lead which can impact your endocrine system. We recommend a complete overhaul of household cleaning products, personal hygiene products and more to minimise your exposure to these toxins.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine may support symptoms associated with stress by facilitating your body to tune into its relaxation response.

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Conscious Conception is a Two Player Game

Throughout the fertility journey much of the emphasis falls on Woman, however, a growing body of research suggests the quality of sperm at the time of conception is vital to the development of the child. With Angea as your partner in fertility, we provide comprehensive information to ensure your partner in conception has all of the tools to maximise conception.

In Australia, 40% of infertility cases will involve male factor infertility. Read more about male infertility here.

Smoking and obesity are significant factors that impact conception.


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