Our Vision

Our story begins in the womb

We are sculpted and shaped by our genes, hormones, life experiences, culture, society, our thoughts and beliefs.

Whether you’re on your path to motherhood, navigating your way through menopause, or looking to return to balance with your hormones, The Angea Method™ has been designed to support you through each of these phases.

Angea focuses on every aspect of the female life span: from girlhood to puberty, the menstrual cycle, teenage years, mental health, love, sex, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause and longevity of old age. Angea provides a holistic approach to these areas combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with elements of ayurveda, esoteric acupuncture and fertility massage.

We harness the wisdom of these practices and marry them with cutting edge research to ensure an effective, efficient and integrated approach to your health.

Our bodies are in constant communication with us, offering a line of feedback when we’re feeling run down and a gentle reminder when we need to lean into nourishment over punishment. When women connect into that communication they’re able to access limitless body wisdom.

This is our driving force at Angea, empowering our community of powerful women to connect into their highest wisdom. Angea was born to educate, empower, love and nurture women through every stage of their life.

The Legend of Angea

Our clinic is named after the fertility goddess of Australian Indigenous mythology, Anjea (pronounced An-gee-ah).

Anjea is a keeper of people’s souls in between their incarnations, and recreates new children from mud and places them in the wombs of future mothers when souls are ready to re-enter the world again. The twigs are arranged in the ground so as to form a circle and are tied together at their tops, so that the resulting structure resembles a cone. Similar to the imagery in the logo of Angea, the cone is the representation of the womb or as we commonly refer to it in Chinese Medicine ‘The Conception Vessel’.

To respect Indigenous culture and beliefs, our clinic has changed spelling of ‘Anjea’ to ‘Angea’.

The Angea Manifesto

At Angea we See every body. We see she / they / ze and he. We See all pronouns and no nouns and everyone in between. We see big bodies, small bodies, lovely bodies, they’re all beautiful bodies. We love you in sickness, and also in health.

Our passion is fed by a commitment to Her. Not her as in gender, but Her in nature; our great Mother of infinite wisdom. For every one who walks in our doors our goal is to feel a little more at home in their body. We do this by creating sacred spaces; our clinic space where we wish everyone to feel held and supported and the space within your body that we encourage everyone to explore. 
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