What Your First Appointment At Angea Will Look Like

Aug 24, 2022 | Community

CREATION – we take out the “trying” when conceiving.

​At Angea we’ve spent over 15 years creating a space that encourages our clients to feel nurtured, supported, seen and heard throughout their health journey. While our roots are in Chinese Medicine and fertility, Angea provides a modern integrative approach to this ancient art of healing, using both Eastern & Western Medical diagnostics, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Reiki and Energy healing.

​We’ve gathered a talented team of Practitioners @wellness_within_tcm @annika.net_acu and Wellness Concierge @_beingwell @houseoftaiji in our clinic space to guide you on your journey to better health, so you can live your most thriving version of your life! 

​If you would like to learn more about your health, menstrual cycle, fertility, the contraceptive pill, you can take a listen to our podcast @theladypalacepodcast 

Amanda is the founder of Angea and has over 12 years of experience working with women to support their health journey. In addition to being a registered doctor of Chinese medicine, Amanda is a yoga teacher and founder of Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training. Amanda offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and womb healing treatments at Angea.