Why Is It Important To Have A Regular Cycle?

Aug 24, 2022 | Health & Wellbeing, Hormones

The menstrual cycle is completely overlooked in western medicine as part of gynaecological diagnostics.

Western medicine deems the uterus as a “NON ESSENTIAL ORGAN” which is why the health of your menstrual cycle is completely overlooked including your period! How many times have you been told your period or pain is irrelevant! 

In 2016 the American College of Gynaecology and Obstetrics recommended the evaluation of the menstrual cycle to be an additional vital sign. (We are advancing). The female only 5th vital sign, alongside blood pressure, temperature, breathing & heart rate.

Whilst ovulation is considered the main event, your menstrual cycle is actually an overall sign of vitality and health. So important for our feminine health!

Lets’s break this down into bite size info!
👉🏻 Firstly, you must ovulate to have a period. 🩸
👉🏻 The health of your menstrual blood can reflect particular gynaecological conditions that may need further investigation
👉🏻 Your hormones impact everything from mood, regular cycle, energy, libido etc
👉🏻 A healthy menstrual cycle and balanced 4 phases reflects optimal health and fertility.
👉🏻 Your period is your 5th vital sign
👉🏻 The colour of your blood, duration, volume, quality and regularity shares vital clues to your menstrual, gynaecological and reproductive health.
👉🏻 Your period is your monthly bio-marker.
👉🏻 The menstrual cycle is a window into general health and well-being! Not just a fertility event.
👉🏻 When you have a period, it INDICATES your body has reached its basic level of health for that month.

How often does your body reach its basic level of health for the month?

At Angea we recommend tracking your cycle so you can begin to understand your Menstrual Pattern. Learning to connect to your cycle will help your to understand how you can best support your 5th vital sign!

Amanda is the founder of Angea and has over 12 years of experience working with women to support their health journey. In addition to being a registered doctor of Chinese medicine, Amanda is a yoga teacher and founder of Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training. Amanda offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and womb healing treatments at Angea.