Hypnobirthing – The Gift of Positive Birth

Apr 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

[fusion_text]At lot of women in the clinic and Prenatal Yoga ask me “What is hypnobirthing?”  Today we talk to Jess from A Path to Birth www.pathtobirth.com.au about Hypnobirthing. Jess is an amazing Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Fertility Coach who has a love for fertility, bellies and supporting women through every stage of their path to parenthood.

Hypnobirthing – The Gift of Positive Birth.

I always find it so strange that women talk about birth in such a negative way. But then I am a bit of a pregnancy and birth junkie – I think what our bodies can do – growing and birthing another human – is one of the most amazing things ever.

And yet, its also very common place. Every day, everywhere around the world women are doing it.

From century to century, country-to-country and culture-to-culture birth is the same…yet it is different in how we think about it and approach it.

It saddens me greatly that it seems our culture – which has the benefit of so much wonderful and advanced medical support, care and knowledge – is largely so afraid of birth.

Shopping with my heavily pregnant sister in-law the other day I was not shocked to hear three strangers impart (unsolicited) advice, comments and horror stories to her about how awful giving birth is going to be.

Oh – and just wait until the baby is born and you’ll never sleep again….!!

It seems like a badge of honour to wear – a battle scar of birth – an urban legend to be passed from woman to woman.

But does birth really have to be like that? Can it not be a joyous occasion where your body works perfectly and delivers into your arms that precious little life you have been growing for the last nine months??

Can it not be something to feel excited about? To look forward to? To approach feeling calm, peaceful and strong?

For me, there should be no other approach to birth!

As a Hypnobirthing Practitioner I am a huge advocate for positive birth.

I have seen so many women experience it, and the radiance of how they talk of their birthing experience and the joy of that experience make that moment of meeting their baby all the more special.

And it is not the holy-grail!

It’s something I truly believe anyone, in any birthing circumstance, can experience…its all in the approach and the mindset.

What I love about Hypnobirthing is that it empowers women to understand their bodies and how they work physically during labour and to use that knowledge to work together – mind and body – to create a relaxed, calm and positive approach to birth.

Hypnobirthing provides a tool kit of techniques that can be used both in the preparation for birth and during labour including breathing and relaxation techniques.

These techniques are many and varied, allowing you to easily adapt to any turn that your birth might take. There is no right or wrong way to birth – it about feeling prepared, calm and empowered in all birthing situations!

Hypnobirthing also gives the birth partner a very active role – both in the preparation for birth (allowing for great bonding with the baby) and during the birth. This inclusive element is a huge support for women during birth, and very practical for the partner, who often wonders what they can do to be of assistance during labour!

The practice of these techniques in the lead up to birth ensures that they are second nature during your birth, and creates a wonderful, positive and excited mindset in the lead up to your birthing day…

I look forward to the day where the tales that are shared at the shops between mothers and expectant mothers are those of joy and wonder at the miracle of birth! I feel very privileged to be able to teach women the tools to help make this possible!

If you would like to know more about Hypnobirthing and whether it might be the right childbirth education and preparation for your birth please contact me at jess@pathtobirth.com.au

” I honestly have to say that giving birth is the most magical experience ever!!!”. I’ve had two very different birthing experiences. Both my births have been natural. However, Winnie was 2 weeks early and a very quick 3 hour labour. Freddy decided to enter the world 6 weeks early and he was a posterior presentation. Challenging and amazing wrapped in one. Yoga and Hypnobirthing played a huge role in both deliveries. Ladies I cannot recommend highly Hypnobirthing enough.

Jess is running her next block of Hypnobirthing Classes from Angea May 10th & 17th, May 31st & June 14th, July 26th & August 2nd. To book your course head to www.pathtobirth.com.au.