5 Tips & Hints on how to get your body ‘Baby Ready’

Oct 20, 2015 | Uncategorized


There is a saying in Chinese Medicine: thoughts are seeds we plant in the soil of our bodies. The ancient phrase yi yi yin chi complements this saying – its translation is ‘energy follows intention’ or, more poetically, ‘where intention goes, energy flows’.

In simple terms, our thoughts create our feelings. Negative thinking can lead to stress, depression and anxiety, and the power of our mind and emotions can affect our health and well-being. It stands to reason, then, that our overall attitude can play an important role in our fertility.

TIP: Start by getting to know your thoughts. Observing our thoughts is crucial in our ability to change them. And changing the way we think about our fertility can have a profound impact on our overall happiness.


According to Dr Gabor Mate, author of When the Body Says No, the four major causes of stress in life are lack of control, uncertainty, emotional isolation and the inability to express emotions. Many couples struggling to become pregnant experience all four of these major stresses at once.

High levels of stress have been shown to:

  • alter the function of the hypothalamus gland, which controls ovulation
  • contribute to irregular menstrual periods
  • produce high levels of cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone
  • decrease reproductive hormones like oestrogen and progesterone
  • divert blood flow from the ovaries and uterine lining, thereby affecting egg quality and successful implantation.

Recent research has shown that, for many women, infertility can create levels of anxiety and depression equivalent to those found in women with cancer, HIV status or heart disease. According to psychologist Dr Alice Domar, the director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, mind-body techniques that elicit a relaxation response – such as meditation and yoga – can reduce stress and increase chances of conceiving.

TIP: If you find you continue to struggle to get pregnant, then the gentle and very ancient art of yoga may increase your chances of conceiving. In traditional yoga theory there are specific postures, mantras and breathing techniques that can improve fertility.


Yoga for fertility helps relax the body and restore physical and emotional health. There is evidence that stress reduction is beneficial to fertility, and yoga is a beautiful way to help calm the mind, body and soul on every level.

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  • A useful tool is the Circle and Bloom series of guided meditations. We recommend you regularly listen to the series, which can be used during preconception or during IVF cycles. To find out more, you can visit our link here: https://angea.com.au/?s=circle+and+bloom
  • You can also download the Free meditation App 1 Giant Mind that delivers meditation programs to reduce stress and improve overall health and wellbeing. We love this app!


The human body is designed to move. Doing no exercise leaves us feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated. Exercise not only regulates body weight, but also balances our hormones, increases self-esteem and helps manage stress levels, all influencing reproductive health.

TIP: For the most part, the things that keep your body healthy also support your fertility. Consider gentle exercises, such as walking, yoga, tai chi, qi gong and pilates. These are all great for trying to fall pregnant.


How we love our food. Did you know that eating the right or wrong food is going to either help or hinder your chances of falling pregnant. That means eating the right foods every day will help your chances of conceiving. It means giving up some of the luxuries you may currently enjoy, like a glass of wine each evening or that morning coffee that jolts you into action.


TIP:  Nearly every mum on the planet would die for their children in a heartbeat. Luckily, fertility is not a do-or-die situation, but you can view these diet changes as a much smaller (though still initially difficult) sacrifice for the sake of your baby. See if you can see it as a positive rather than a negative thing. Truly, once the cravings stop you will feel wonderful.


At Angea we take the trying out of trying and make it simple as possible for you. It rings true “ The simple things in life are often the best”. Here are just some of our simple tips to help you along the way.
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