Elements Edition; Metal

Jan 20, 2022 | Community, Health & Wellbeing

“You are the gems of the world”.

Metal represents the minerals, crystals and gems! Those strongly influenced by the element of metal are flexible, expressive, love structure, routines and display healthy personal boundaries. 

Metal Personality:

You are a person of great integrity. Metal in the earth gives its inner structure and value. Everyone knows where they stand with you and for that you have no place for conflict in your life. Because metal can be remolded many times, this makes you flexible in your your decision making. Metal governs the bonds you make in relationships with others. When balanced, metal allows you to shine, be brilliant, expressive and inspire others. Metal represents “release” due to the intimate connection btw the lung and large intestine. When balanced you have the ability to let go! You are an expert in your field, Professor, Accountant, Scientist, Goldsmith, Mining, Surgeon. Your super power is the ability to think logically.

Metal Imbalance:

When the metal element is imbalanced you cannot see your sense of value or worth. You become rigid, numb, lazy, not to mention overbearing and have difficulty expressing self. You tend to struggle with intimacy and the ability to connect with others. Due to your lack of self worth, you abuse personal boundaries, seek recognition and respect. You have difficulty “letting go” literally and identify with attachment and possession. You become controlling and forceful.

• Allergies
• Dry Skin
• Weakened immune system
• Sadness
• Grief
• Asthma
• Eczema
• Chronic bronchitis
• Sinus Problems
• Constipation/ IBS
• Sore throat
• Difficulty letting go
• Fatigue
• Prone to colds and flu 

Health Tips to Nourish your metal element:

✔️ Structure & Balance through routine

✔️ Learn to let go (like Elsa from Frozen)
✔️ Lean into being supported.
✔️ Go out and socialise. You love to be the social butterfly
✔️ Be spontaneous
✔️ Follow your passion.
✔️ Breath work- breathe breathe breathe
✔️ Eat according to the seasons
✔️ Drink lots of water
✔️ Sing

As the lungs take in the most rarefied Essence “Qi & Breath” the large intestine releases the densest of substances back into the earth.