Interview Series – Getting Juicy With Natalie of Greene Street Juice

Aug 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

We are continually inspired by the people around us doing truly amazing things and living their passion and purpose. For this months addition of the Angea Interview Series we’re chatting with Natalie Warner of Greene Street Juice.

Greene Street Juice is a local Melbourne Cold Pressed Juice and Elixir Bar offering cold pressed juices, juice cleanses and complete wellness packages. You can literally taste the love in every sip of their amazing juices and you’re guaranteed to leave their store feeling positive and uplifted. Natalie and the team are dedicated to using 100% organic produce and also infuse the juices with different herbal tonics, which is why we love them! You’ll even find our Organic Wellness Tea range available in their flagship Prahran store.

We sat down with co-founder Natalie to talk all things wellness, life balance and of course, juice!

1. What does ‘healthy’ mean to you?

We all want to live our lives fully – bursting with energy, health and happiness. For me, health is a holistic package deal and balance plays an important part in this. Broadly, health for me means living from a higher state of consciousness and choosing options that best serve my mind, body & spirit and are in harmony with the Earth, environment and community. It means making choices on a day-to-day basis that are, as far as possible, sustainable and free from artificial intervention.

On a day-to-day basis, more specifically, there are a set of key principles that I incorporate to feel happy, healthy and in total harmony. These include “non-edible” items such as: relationships that nurture and inspire; serving in a “job” that you love and believe in; a consistent spiritual practice [for me this is yoga and meditation], regularly reconnecting with nature; and daily movement [whatever it is that my body tells me I need – usually a morning walk and chat with my husband Steve, yoga, pilates or fitness class…]. I combine these non-edibles with plenty of clean, pure, water, organic juices [of course!] and organic wholefoods.

2. It seems now days we’re swimming in a sea of cold pressed juices. What sets Greene Street apart from the rest?

It’s so exciting to see the growth in awareness of the amazing health benefits of cold pressed juice.

However, not all juices are created equal. We are guided by the values of quality and integrity in every aspect of what we do and providing a genuine cleanse. Health is important to us, that is why we strictly use 100% organic ingredients, 100% of the time and bottle in our signature glass packaging. (We go into detail about why on our website.) We also produce our exquisite elixirs locally in-house, in our organic kitchen in Port Melbourne. (A lot of juice companies are outsourcing their production to a contract maker where quality of product – organic or otherwise – and integrity of process cannot be guaranteed.)

We also take great pride in honoring the complete package for health: mind, body and spirit. Each elixir has been purposefully crafted to align with physical functional properties as well as energetic qualities – this is why, for example, you will find a specific mantra on each of our elixirs. We always refer to both the physical and energetic properties of our elixirs when suggesting options that we think will best serve you. This approach also applies to our cleanse programs. We don’t believe in a “one” (or “three) size fits all approach when it comes to juice cleansing. We have 5 cleanse menus, which have been crafted according to lifestyle preferences, dietary needs and particular cleanse objectives. We then further tailor these options for each and every cleanse customer.

It’s about true wellness for us, and sharing the experience of exceptional energy and vitality with everyone we are lucky enough to meet on our Greene Street Juice journey.

We have been truly touched by the feedback and stories we receive from our community and are honored to serve in the way that we do.

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3. Tell us about the herbs that you include in some of your juice recipes, what lead to you adding these?

Our unique juice (elixir) recipes are also something that sets Greene Street apart. We consciously and purposefully select each ingredient in our elixirs to best serve mind, body and spirit.

No ordinary juice, we look to ancient principles and age-old healers that have stood the test of time to boost our elixirs and best support people with tapping into radiant health. We use a combination of organic herbal extracts, medicinal grade essential oils and consciously sourced super foods to do this.

We draw a lot of ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine – for example, immunity boosting Astragalus; replenishing and energizing Cordycepts and anti-stress, calming and restorative Reishi.

The art of radiant health has been widely and successfully practiced for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We see this ancient wisdom as an essential piece of a complete wellness offering.

4. What are you reading right now?

I love learning. I always have about 4 books (at least) on the go at any time (reading and listening). I have found audio books a great way to get in a lot more knowledge during the day (I like to listen to a book, for example, when getting some time in on the rebounder or in the background as I attend to admin.) I have the following on the go at the moment:

– Work Smarter: Live Better (Cyril Peupion)
– Mastering Your Mean Girl (Melissa Ambrossini) – I have this on rotation as a daily guide
– Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying (Marie Kondo). I’m a neat freak. I get excited by organizing and tidying. I couldn’t resist a book on being the absolute best neat freak I could be.
– The E-Myth (Michael Gerber)
– A Course in Miracles – I have this on rotation as a daily guide
– Awakening the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)

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5. We love that you share your love of juice with your husband and we’re big fans of your recent men’s cleanse campaign. Do you have any tips for those of us with less than healthy other halves to help convert them to the ‘healthy side’?

Thank you! We love the men’s cleanse. The personal transformations we have seen on The Healthy Man program have been so inspiring. Men who cleanse rock!!!

When it comes to converting our dear other halves to see the light (or anyone near and dear to us), I think it is about understanding and accepting where he/she is at on their journey. Simply leading by example often works best. Forcing anything on (or down their throat!) probably won’t lead to sustainable change or much joy, in any event. Do what lights you up consistently (without preaching) and your health and happiness won’t go unnoticed. Also, play it cool at the first sign of any interest by sharing small amounts of relevant information (the temptation is to completely bombard with info at the first sign of interest – because you are so enthusiastic about what you love and their best interests, I get it – but bombarding can lead to overwhelm…and retreat!).

Another tip to consider is to watch documentaries together on health topics. There are some powerful health documentaries out there. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is one of my favorites, along with Food Matters, for sparking immediate change towards a healthier lifestyle. We are fortunate enough to partner with Food Matters TV ( – it’s like the Netflix of the health and wellness industry, jam packed with hundreds of health documentaries, recipe videos, yoga classes and expert interviews. It’s amazing! From September this year (Spring cleanse week) and ongoing, all Greene Street cleansers will receive 30 days complimentary access to FMTV (no strings attached), with guided notes from me on my fave content. We are so excited to offer our cleansers this amazing opportunity.

My last tip would be to start inviting your other half to health or wellness related events that you enjoy or start to gently include them in your daily wellness routines. Make a little extra of your delicious morning smoothie and offer it to them (like…”I’ve got a little extra today, would you like to have it”…), switch the products in your home to chemical free options (eg, toothpaste, handwash, etc.) Again, you want to play it cool here – no forcing or taking it personally if he/she declines your kind offers! With invites to events, it’s not a “you must attend this event with me” scenario, but more like a casual, “I’m going along to this, would you like to come…I’d really love to do this together”.

6. Three things you couldn’t live without…

I’m going to be boring here, apologies in advance! As much as possible, I like to approach life from a yogic philosophy. The principle of attachment, or more so, non-attachment is something that I practice everyday. A great deal of self-imposed suffering in our lives comes from our attachment to things. Non-attachment teaches us, amongst other things, to take only what we need, keep only what serves us in the moment, and to let go when the time is right. I consciously make an effort to need “less”. In saying that, when I think about what I couldn’t live without, my husband Steve immediately comes to mind, family and friends, and juice (my daily staple), the cold pressed organic variety, of course!

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Want more Greene Street goodness? 

Chances are you’ve just read this interview and all you can think about is cold pressed juice (and how amazing Natalie really is!). If your body is looking for a reset coming into spring then join us for the Greene Street Juice Spring Cleanse. The entire Angea team will be taking part.

The cleanse kicks off on September 3 and is an epic community cleanse, designed to support and inspire by cleansing with a group of other motivated cleansers and backed by a community of 40+ like minded brands who all want to see you succeed.

There’s also loads of prizes to be won! For further information, visit the Greene Street Juice web-site – here

Connect. Rejuvenate. Refresh. Let’s do this together.