How to Cultivate and Nourish Your Relationship with Yourself

Sep 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

The relationship with the Self is the deepest, most meaningful relationship that we can ever have in our lives. Creating a strong and healthy connection with yourself is not an easy process, and does require time, commitment and energy. By taking the time and implementing routines, rituals and scheduling time to care for yourself and your needs, you will be establishing a firm foundation on which to build long-lasting, honest and open relationships with others. Read on for some tips for making a deep and lasting change within your being and begin the process toward a positive relationship with the Self.


Taking the time out to assess your needs and desires, and formulate your own self-care routine will work wonders for your relationship with yourself. Self-love is the first step in becoming the best person you can be, and as the age-old adage enquiries, how can you love another without first loving yourself? Caring for your needs means getting enough sleep, fuelling your body with the right foods and granting yourself the time to take care of you.

With the hectic lives we lead, it can be very easy to disregard the need for a self-care routine. Taking time out to honor yourself and respect your own needs allows for a recharge and reset of the soul, which, in turn, allows the Self to better handle the stressors of everyday life and confronting situations. Solitude and spending time alone is not something to be afraid of. The desire to spend time alone to reflect and reconnect with yourself is not something that should be considered a weakness or a fault in your personality. Embracing your introverted side and respecting the need to be alone at times fortifies the positive relationship you can have with yourself.


Re-establishing your connection with your inner child has numerous benefits, and creating a positive relationship with the Self is one of them. Reconnecting with your inner child also gives you the opportunity to invite creativity into your life. It grants you the opportunity to see life with a clear mindset, free from judgement and clouded vision. Forgiving yourself and others become easier when you engage with your inner child. Learning to forgive can be a hard and painful road. Forgiveness is not about agreeing with or condoning someone else’s actions toward us, but about accepting the past, and acknowledging what has happened and moving forward. Forgiving others also teaches us not to project blame onto others for our current situation. Learning to forgive yourself and others will help to create space within you to manifest love and a positive sense of self.


Meditation has many benefits and is an amazing practice for helping to establish a positive relationship with the Self. Meditation promotes focus, clarity, insight, perspective, calmness and patience, and these things all lead to a positive self-image and increase in your sense of self-worth. Meditation can help reduce anxiety, inspires and nurtures the internal environment essential for insight, and connects us to our inner selves allowing for freedom from self-limiting beliefs.

As much as calming the monkey-mind and letting go of your thoughts and preconceptions is one of the main focusses in yoga and meditation, recognising your thoughts, self-sabotaging patterns and inner dialogue is a great way to connect with yourself. Asking questions to ‘check-in’ with how we’re feeling and to establish healthy internal dialogue does wonders for the soul, while allowing for us to recognise habits of thought and behaviour.

Creating a positive and fulfilling relationship with the Self is a life-long process. It requires patience, time and the desire to confront and challenge our inner demons. This helps create a safe and loving space within ourselves to allow us to be the best versions of ourselves possible. Nurturing the Self and taking care of YOU is where it begins, and I can guarantee, you won’t regret it.


Article by Rachel Gill from TwoSix Wellness

Rachel is a yoga teacher & student, mother and freelance writer based on the NSW mid-north coast, Australia. You can connect with her via her holistic lifestyle blog ‘Inspire The Wild‘, or on instagramfacebook and twitter @rachelmarieyoga.