Winter Soup Recipe: The Ultimate Revelation Of Pumpkin

We share the ultimate revelation of Pumpkin. Pumpkin is high in zinc and vitamin A making it a wonderful food to support your menstrual cycle, strengthen the prostrate, and aid fertility. Pumpkin can also help treat urinary tract infections and support the kidneys. Not only is pumpkin a symbol of prosperity and fruitfulness in China. Enjoyed during [...]

Eating Your Way To Fertility

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your chances of falling pregnant is by changing the way you eat and what to eat. Food plays an integral part in maintaining hormonal balance, in addition to regular exercise, adequate sleep, lifestyle choices, stress levels and genetics.  If we don't feed our body with the [...]

  • Mushroom Thyme and Rosemary Soup


WINTER RECIPE: MUSHROOM, THYME & ROSEMARY SOUP The yummiest thing about winter is lots of nourishing recipes and soups...lots of soup to nourish and make our insides all warm and fuzzy. A lot of soups these days you buy from the supermarket such as canned soup or packaged soup contains lots of additives, sulphites and even [...]

  • Raw Vegemite


If you're a "happy little vegemite" and love your morning dose of vegemite, then you'll be pleased to know it comes in raw form. No matter what your base, toast or crumpets it's always nice to know there's heather versions available for your favourite spread! This Raw Vegemite Recipe is full of b vitamins , magnesium, [...]

  • Ayurveda Vegetable Soup

Ayurveda Winter Soup – Recipe

Each change of season gentle evokes different subtle qualities in the environment that can pacify or aggravate the inner lattice of our being. This is why some of us thrive and relish in the warmer weather and some of us loathe the heat. Much like in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda recognises the subtle invitation winter offers [...]

Recipe: Tahini, Pear & Coconut Granola

This delicious tahini, pear & coconut granola recipe comes courtesy of our friends from Wellineux (stay tuned for our exciting collaboration next year!). When we saw it, we knew instantly it had to make it's way to our breakfast table! Granola is a deliciously healthy way to start your day. The only problem is most supermarket brands [...]

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Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – That’s Actually Worth Eating

This gluten free pizza recipe comes from the lovely ladies over at Eatable. They're experts at creating 'Eatable friendly' (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free) recipes for everyone to enjoy. The recipe is also vegan and made with nourishing wholefoods. A few slices will leave you feeling satisfied without that 'greezey pizza hangover' feeling that you're probably [...]

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Healthy Quinoa Porridge Recipe – The Perfect Start To The Day

Who doesn't love breakfast? The promise of a good breakfast is always great motivation to jump out from under the sheets in the morning. This gluten free porridge recipe is sure to keep you getting up for more! It's warming, satisfying and quick and easy to make. Our friends over at KOJA Health know all about nutritious [...]

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Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipe – The Simple Stir-fry

                      Sometimes you just need a quick and healthy dinner recipe that's full of nutrients and easy to make. This super simple stir-fry recipe comes from our friends at Green Press and is gluten free and vegan. It's full of delicious vegetables and takes less than [...]

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