The Wheel of Immortality Program


This uniquely woven 12 month journey The Wheel of Immorality includes:

  • 8 Celestial Ceremonies with esoteric background teachings. Offered every 6 weeks
  • 8 Tao Practices to guide you through each season
  • The 8 Extraordinary Meridians + Acupressure points to support each Celestial Season
  • 8 Qi Gong Practices and breathwork
  • Ba Gua & I Ching
  • The Colour Rays – weaving their magick into your life
  • A journey of the year through the Tarot Major Arcana
  • Holy Day suggestions and journal prompts
  • Weaving, crafting, intuitive art and embodiment practices
  • Connection to powerful spirit allies
  • Guided Meditations for the 8 Celestial Seasons
  • Tao Guide to living within the 8 Celestial Seasons
  • Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Meridian Theory
  • Three Treasures and their Alchemy
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Closing Integration Circle

A powerful altar cloth (included in the Programme price) will be provided for the ceremonial work.

As a BONUS, there will be an additional training on “The Alchemy of Prayer”

The Alchemy of Prayer training is worth $288 and is included as part of “The Wheel of Immortality”.