Women We love: Jaimye Waters

May 30, 2019 | Community, Health & Wellbeing

“Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.”

– Nellie L. McClung

The sisterhood. When you feel understood, appreciated and empowered. At Angea we feel a part of a sisterhood like no other, we support, nourish and love on each other.  This month of Women We Love, we are chatting to Jaimye Waters a young entrepreneur who is changing the game. Re-writing millennials stories around alignment, happiness and purpose.

1. Jaimye, for those of us who havent heard your story, can you explain what you do and how you have gotten to where you are?

I feel like I could go into a whirlwind of words to try and explain my journey and what I do, but I will keep it simple. I am a holistic health business owner and advocate for womens health, millennial empowerment and choice. I run a fast growing business based around the use of essential oils for their incredible properties and being a coach to those ready to empower themselves and explore all aspects of holistic medicine. I am also a full time model, I run a podcast which can be found on iTunes ( High Vibration Conversation) and I am shortly about to integrate my work as a Personal Trainer into my business. For me, health and nourishing my body has always taken up a very big piece of my heart. For a while I was studying to become a Commercial Lawyer, trapped in the idea that being a teenager meant going to uni, finding a predictable and ‘safe’ career and not worrying too much about my happiness.. more about societies expectations. I then realised I had a greater purpose.  I began using essential oils to better my health, and knew that the rest of the millennial generation needed to be aware of these properties. I began sharing my experiences with essential oils, became a health coach, started bringing in clients and it just took off. Now I am a proud advocate for womens health, all forms of holistic medicine and my goal is to open up this incredible world to the entire millennial generation.

2. You are such a go-getter! How have you built this belief in yourself and your message that you wake up each morning and want to ignite in others?

I love that you think of me as a ‘go getter’, trust me, its taken a while to get here. I think my positive attitude and want to bring positivity into others lives started when I realised a few things.  I noticed that life is so much better, and more full, when you discover your purpose and discover that fact that when you reach for what you are inspired to do, you inspire others to do the same. My belief in essential oils and natural medicine began when I started experiencing the life changing results, for me at the beginning it wasn’t about beginning a business, it was more about making sure everyone knew they had options when it came to health care. Once I started to see major shifts in the personas of the people around me and my clients, I knew that I was doing something right. When I started receiving hundreds of emails and messages from strangers telling me that I was inspiring them to take a leap and to do something they’d been scared of, I knew I was doing something right. Everything at the moment just feels so in flow and aligned, and I think that’s how I’ve built this strong belief, through passion and impact.

3. We’re all human and not meant to be walking an ‘enlightened path’every minute of every day. But when you do get out of alignment or a certain situation makes you feel stuck, what is your go to, to bring you back to your centre?
Water, movement and Wholesome healthy food are my go to’s when I am feeling out of whack. I am such a water baby, I thrive in the ocean, or rivers, or waterfalls, I just feel so connected to momma nature and when I’m close to water I find myself grounded and calm, Im able to restore clarity and think. My star sign is also a water sign, and heck, my last name is Waters, surely that all stands for something…When I’m feeling like I am in a rut I find that moving my body and getting a sweat on really helps to centre me and get some clarity into a hectic head space. When I’m feeling out of alignment I really just have to take a step back, remember why I am doing this and accept that failure is actually just a new life lesson and without set backs, success and alignment wouldn’t taste as sweet. Other than being around nature and exercising, my next best way to feel aligned is by eating healthy, soul nourishing food, after all, when I’m feeling good, feeding my body the best way I know how and eating to nourish, I automatically feel so so much better. 

4.  At Angea we believe that our story begins in our womb. What does the womb mean to you?

This is a topic Ive been exploring more and more lately as I’ve been looking into the subject of ancestral trauma and energy healing.  However, in my basic knowledge, to me the womb is the divine creation station if you will, It is where it all starts, its where you’re connected to not only your mother but also your grandmother. I also believe it is where we hold our creativity and our passion, we should have healthy relationships with our womb space so that we can connect to our passions and feel empowered. I believe it is a very sacred space where we are connected to our lineage.

5.  What are your top 3 non-negotiables in your life that bring you the most joy and peace?

My top three needs in life that bring me joy and peace would have to be my family, self-love and being in nature.
For me, family has such a heavy presence in my life, I honestly don’t know where I would be without them, not only do my parents give me the most unimaginable level of support, but they’re also the ones I can go to when I need some real talk (even if I dont want to hear it). My siblings also bring me so much happiness, they’re quite a few years younger than me but their vibrant personalities light me up every day. Another major non negotiable for me in life, and I feel like it needs to be on the list for EVERYONE is self-love. At the end of the day, we have these bodies, this skin, this womb space, this mind, this self-esteem with us until the end of our days, we should be cherishing our bodies and souls, not bringing them down. I have found, that by incorporating self-love and self-care practices into all of my days, I feel so much happier in myself, in my abilities and it allows us to see ourselves for the boss ass, powerful women we all are. When you feel loved, empowerment follows, and for me, my goal is to light that feeling up in ALL women. Ultimately, empowered women, empower women.  Lastly but definitely not least, Nature, being around it, in it, on it, bringing elements of it into my house brings me happiness. There is something mesmerising about taking the time out to watch the sunrise, or the rain fall, or the ocean tide changing, I wont ever be able to let time with mother nature slip out of my daily routine.

6. What is one area in your life at the moment that you would like to improve or work on?

There are ALWAYS going to be areas in my life that I want to improve and work on, as I said before, I’m wisdom hungry, I always want to be learning. However right now, I would love to work on my global reach with my business and my work/podcasts/social media/public speaking, I want to reach more young women and men across the globe and become a voice for those who feel like they cant be heard. I also would love to take part in Humanitarian projects across the globe and eventually be a motivational speaker for young girls, empowering them to reach their full potential.
7. What excites you most at the moment?

Right now, I get so excited about opportunity. I have found that life is just one big buffet of opportunities, manifestation and gratitude. We are presented with the most incredible opportunities for success every day but it is up to us to see them, seize them and make the most of them. My big opportunities right now include my podcast, my upcoming workshops surrounding health, social media and the very exciting workshops that I will be soon running with your very own Amanda Waaldyk at Angea!

8. Where can we find you to connect?

You can find me on instagram @jaimyewaters, you can find my podcast on iTunes
“High Vibration Conversation” and if you’re looking to hear more about what essential oils can do for you, or book in for a health coaching session, my email is jaimyewaterss@gmail.com

I am looking forward to connecting with this sisterhood.
Interviewed by Bella Rothel. Bella has immersed herself in all things wellness, nutrition, mindfulness and holistic health for the past 6 years and is currently studying Naturopathy and Ayurveda after her own health issues and is committed to equipping herself and others with the knowledge and tools to restore our bodies back to balance, harmony and complete vitality. This year she will be going to India to further her passion and knowledge of Ayurveda and to delve even deeper into the wisdom that is Ayurveda.