What Is Period Poo?

Sep 23, 2021 | Health & Wellbeing, Hormones

Period poo it’s a thing! 

​How many of you suffer from constipation or diarrhea leading up to your period? 

​Your anus is a sphincter muscle.

In chinese medicine the liver meridian circulates around the reproductive organs, controls the muscles and tendons and free flow of qi and blood (amongst it many other actions)!

​Leading up to your period, the body enters into a “holding phase”, preparing for the possible fertilization of an egg. Think of this as an incubation period. The body and womb becomes a containing container! Literally, holding on for implantation or awaiting menstruation.

​When the energy becomes “stuck or stagnant” in the liver meridian it explodes like a big bang leading to symptoms such as anger, irritability, PMS, IBS, twitching eyes, headaches and migraines. The liver energy normally is free and flowing. It doesn’t like to be backed up (pardon the pun).

As the body prepares for menstruation, the internal organs, glands, muscles and hormones are also prepping. Menstruation is a cleansing, releasing and letting go process. It’s the time of month where the endometrium sheds, and the body loses qi (energy) and blood. 

​Whilst, the west has stigmatised periods, chinese medicine so eloquently describes this as “The heart (empress) communicates with the liver, it’s time to release the blood”. The liver begins to soften, qi and blood begin to move and flow. Everything in the body begins to “let’s go” including the sphincter muscle (as it is a reflex action), the bowels move in motion, the poo and period start to flow.

It’s what we call PERIOD POO!!! 

​Warning: avoid coffee to avoid a poo plosion. 

Amanda is the founder of Angea and has over 12 years of experience working with women to support their health journey. In addition to being a registered doctor of Chinese medicine, Amanda is a yoga teacher and founder of Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training. Amanda offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and womb healing treatments at Angea.