What is considered a normal period?

Mar 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Here in the West, we view our menstrual cycle completely different to how the Chinese women view theirs. The Chinese have innate wisdom and approach towards their periods and menopause. They are educated about their menstrual cycles. 
As soon as a woman in china notices an irregularity with her period, the first thing she does is head down to her local hospital to see her Chinese Medicine Doctor. An irregularity for them can range from: a change in length of cycle, change in blood flow, clots, heavy/flooding periods, painful periods, no periods, irregular cycle, breast tenderness, mood swings etc.

I remember sitting with the Professor in Shangdon Hospital and the room was filled with around 20 women all waiting to see her. What I loved about this experience was there were no barriers. Every woman in that room, knew exactly what the other woman was been treated for. What I have found in Australia, is our most important issues for women tend to have a “shhhh” don’t talk mentally around them and are swept under the carpet. Thank goodness for our girlfriends! After spending a year practicing in China, what I have taken home with me has been invaluable. We need to talk about our issues and when it comes to our time of month we don’t need to suffer.

In Chinese Medicine a normal period should come and go with ease. Can you believe that! Let me tell you, when this happens it is pure liberation. We are educated in the West that painful periods, mood swings etc. are all classified as a “normal part” of our menstrual cycle. Can I please inform you this is incorrect! We have an answer as to why this is happening.
What you are experiencing each month is very real due, to the biological and chemical changes that take place during our menstrual cycle. No, you are not crazy!! Our body is made up of a complex hormonal system. PMS and irregularities in our menstrual cycle arise due to fluctuations within this hormonal system (endocrine). 
Our time of month should be an easy transition. In essence, our periods should just flow- emotionally and physically.

This is where acupuncture and Chinese herbs are brilliant. Acupuncture works on balancing our neuroendocrine axis – our hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenals (HPA axis). It helps to regulate and balance our hormonal (endocrine) system. Chinese herbs assist in balancing our entire menstrual cycle and creating a healthy menstrual flow.

Let me share with you 6 key signs that your period is normal based on a 28 day cycle.

6 key signs to a healthy period

  1. No spotting or PMS before period
  2. No clotting
  3. Healthy flow – fresh red
  4. No pain with period
  5. 4 days bleeding, changing pad/tampon every 4 hours
  6. Ovulation is day 14

We would love to hear your experience regarding your period. What have you been told that is normal? What do you consider to be normal? Please comment below.