What Is Adenomyosis

Mar 11, 2022 | Health & Wellbeing, Hormones

What is Adenomysosis?

Adenomyosis is characterised by the presence and invasion of endometrial glands and storm that migrate into the muscle layer of the myometrium. The myometrium is the muscle layer of the uterus. The myometrium is composed of smooth muscle and is hormone sensitive (even more so during pregnancy – for labour).

When you have the presence of diseased tissue that continues to grow and follows fluctuations of the menstrual cycle (adenomyosis tissue is estrogen sensitive and progesterone resistant), thickening then breaking down to release a bleed over time causes destruction to the normal shape and architecture of the uterus.

The description of the uterus is often described in transvaginal ultrasounds as “BULKY or ENLARGED uterus”.

Symptoms of Adenomysosis.
Adenomyosis like endometriosis has a tremendous impact on the quality of the individual’s life causing many menstrual issues such as:
➕ Cramping – Severe menstrual cramps
➕ Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
➕ Menorrhagia (heavy periods)
➕ Miscarriages
➕ Infertility
➕ Pre-term birth
➕ Bloating (distended abdomen), Swelling
➕ Irregular bowel movements
➕ Pelvic Pain
➕ Pain during intercourse
➕ Nausea, mood swings, fatigue
➕ Infertility
➕ Neuropathy
➕ Anemia

For many menstruators diagnosed with Adenomyosis the choice of treatment was traditionally a hysterectomy. For young people who still wish to start a family, this is often a drastic option.

A recent statistics indicated that 42% of women diagnosed with endometriosis also had adenomyosis. In my case, I was initially diagnosed with adeno via a trans-abdominal ultrasound. Under going laparoscopic surgery, it was found that I had stage 4 endo.

Have you been diagnosed with adenomyosis, what were your symptoms?

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