The Magic of our Menstrual Blood

Aug 19, 2019 | Fertility, Hormones

Each month our body undergoes a process of building a lining in preparation for the possibility of implantation and pregnancy. This isn’t a flaw design of our human body. In fact, our reptilian brain and body was designed for the purposes of procreation. Our blood line is our connection to our lineage and matriarchal line.

Essentially our endometrial lining or menstrual blood is a gland that undergoes many physiological changes throughout the 4 stages of menstrual cycle and is influenced by the changes in our endocrine system.

Menstrual blood is different to the blood circulating in our body. There are 385 unique proteins different to circulatory blood (1774 proteins) and vaginal fluids (823 proteins).  Menstrual blood proteins are unique and are specifically designed for the process of our menstrual cycle. How cool is this!

Our menstrual blood is a complex biological fluid – composed of blood, vaginal secretions and endometrial cells of the uterus wall. These cells are the end product of a dynamic process focused on reproduction and pregnancy.  Many of the proteins in these cells are expressed in preparation for blastocyst implantation. A design by our body to continue the blood line.

When there is no implantation, our menstrual blood proteins change as a consequence of no pregnancy. The proteins include enzymes, cytokines, immune cells, members of apoptotic pathways & necrosis (this means the death of our endometrial cells).

Another interesting fact is that our endometrial lining has 2 layers. The stratum functionalis our second layer contains spiral arteries. As we move into our luteal (secretory) phase these uterine glands become very coiled and produce glycogen-rich secretions. This is why our body craves more sugars in the last part of cycle. Our body is requiring more fuel source!

Our menstrual blood is a vascular gland that undergoes continual remodelling throughout our cycle and contains over 386 menstrual blood proteins. These proteins are designed specifically for menstruation and implantation.

Amanda is the founder and director of Angea Women’s Health clinic, an integrative Chinese medicine practice that supports Woman through every phase of life. Amanda’s practice is soul meets science, guiding her patients to ultimate health by providing a whole body approach. Amanda is a Doctor of Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation teacher, hormone expert and energy healer. Amanda empowers and educates her clients to reconnect with their inherent body wisdom, navigate their way back to balance (naturally) and live the happiest and most thriving version of their lives.