Interview Series – Chris from Yoke Yoga

Sep 19, 2016 | Uncategorized

This month at Angea we’re celebrating the men in our lives. With Fathers Day at the beginning of the month, it got us thinking about just how important men really are. We explored this in our recent article all about men’s health and their role in fertility. For our interview this month we spoke with the inspiring Chris Wilson, yogi, Dharma Dad and founder of Yoke Yoga. Read on to find out more about Chris’ story…

Where did your yoga journey begin?

I thought my yoga journey began around 12 years ago. At the time my emotions went up and down like a roller coaster, I used Yoga as a stabiliser to get me though Uni. On more recent reflection, for as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in ‘why am I here, whats this all about?’ (I think we all question this in some way). To me Yoga is and enquiry into truth, and ‘what’s going on here?” begins that enquiry.

We hear that you describe yourself as a ‘Dharma Dad’, what does dharma mean to you and at what moment did you feel like you’d realised it?

I like the concept of Dharma it helps me out when things get foggy- The way I see it is that we all have a unique gift to give. No one in the world has the ability to give this gift like we do, and In the giving of this gift the world blossoms and we gain fulfilment. So I think its our practice to get clear on what this gift is.

What moment did I realise it? When Marlowe was born (our first) I held her in my arms for the first time and was bowled over by freight train of love. There was a deep sense of calm along with the clarity that I would do anything to look after this little one. The force of ‘Dharma dad’ was born.

There are many other elements (forces) that make up my Dharma, I think one thing in common is that they transcends my need to ‘be something’ or develop an Identity. Being a yoga teacher and opening yoga studio’s certainly have been part of my Dharma. To be honest there are times when I would have liked to give it all up, teach casual classes, go surfing and look after the Family. But there’s a part of me that would’nt be fulfilled if this were the case.

It seems everyones all about the ‘bro-ga’ at the moment. As a male yoga teacher have you noticed a change in the amount of guys in the room? What do you think is impacting this?

YES! I’m definitely seeing more guys in the room these days. Its great! Yoga is great for guys. Mark Whitwell always talked about yoga being a surrender of the masculine to the feminine. I certainly felt that getting into the yoga practice has had me tune in more with the subtle energies in the body/mind, and I think going deep in the practice requires a level vulnerability.

I’m enjoying talking with blokes about juicy concepts, not sure why there are more guys but i love it.

What are you reading right now?

‘Think on these things’ by Krishnamurti

As a yoga teacher, studio owner and Dad we imagine life is quite hectic! What’s your approach to managing stress and staying on top of things?

Thats a good question! Its tricky and I can’t say i have it figured out! But knowing this and letting it be messy at times helps out.

I’ve found that as responsibility increases daily practice should increase to meet that. Having kids means It can be tricky slotting into the traditional ‘wake up at 5.30 meditate’ routine (sometimes your up all night, or go to meditate in the morning and the kids want breaky etc). I typically like to slot in a meditation in the AM and in the PM, when overfits with the schedule and could be 5-20mins. If you slot in cheeky meditations often then by the end of the day you’ve clocked up a bit of quiet time and don’t go to far out of touch.

Apart from that Its all yoga! At times life can feel like being stuck in thick dark mud, and I’m either struggling/gasping for air or swimming around and checking it out.

How did you spend Father’s day this year?

Quality hang time with the Family – We went to the SNOW.

Three things you couldn’t live without…

Mung Beans