Five natural ways to have you shouting S – E – X  

Feb 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

avocado for libido boost

Whether you agree with the holiday or not, we’re big suckers for a bit of good old fashioned love making. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our favourite five natural herbs, foods and supplements to get you firing in the bedroom.

There are so many different reasons you may or may not be having sex. Maybe you’re still in your 20’s and you’re reading this post thinking “why would I ever need a supplement for sex?!” or maybe you’re reading this post whilst breastfeeding at 2am and the thought alone is making you exhausted. We feel you.

Whether or not you’re having sex can also depend on your relationship status, stress, self-esteem, body image and whether you even like sex or not. Sex can also be complicated, for some people sex can be terrifying, perhaps with histories of abuse or trauma. For some on their fertility journey sex may begin to feel more like a chore than a fun-loving pastime.

raspberries for libido But if you are looking for some loving and you’re finding that you’re not in the mood there are several other factors that may be influencing your low desire.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective our sex drive is linked to our Gate of Life. This is directly located between your kidneys in your lower back region. This fire is responsible for keeping the qi in our body warm and some may say, controls our joie de vivre or ‘spark’.

In Chinese Medicine it is said that as we age our yin slowly begins to deplete. If we were to draw a comparison to Western medicine we can equate our yin to estrogen levels and this decrease in estrogen as we age may be attributed to loss of libido in women.

If you’re feeling like your libido has gotten a little lazy, you’re not alone! One quarter of women of reproductive age report low sex drive and this increases to half of post-menopausal women. Regular acupuncture has been reported to manage the symptoms related to low libido by working on your energy levels, increasing blood circulation to your pelvic area and down-regulation into your relaxation response. As well as acupuncture, there are simple additions we can make to our diet and daily regimes to boost your energy levels and libido.

To celebrate the month of love, we’ve picked five of our favourite herbs, supplements and foods that you can add into your daily regime.

  1. Yin Yang Huo (aka Horny Goat Weed!)

One of our favourite Chinese Medicine herbs, Yin Yang Huo, also known as Horny Goat Weed, supports your Kidney fire at the “Gate of Life” we mentioned earlier.  A warming herb, Yin Yang Huo tonifies the Kidney yang and supports conditions including impotence. You’ll find Yin Yang Huo in some of our favourite herbal blends, including our very own Fertility blend from our Angea Wellness range of herbal blends. Or next time you’re in clinic ask your practitioner how some Yin Yang Huo may help to boost your libido.


  1. Maca Root

Originating in Peru, Maca has been used for centuries to increase energy and support sex drive. Maca is a great supplement to add to your diet with just 1 teaspoon reportedly providing benefits. While not a Chinese Medicine herb, we love the accessibility of Maca (buy it at your supermarket or health food store) and its mild, malty taste. Blend 1 teaspoon Maca, 1 teaspoon Matcha and warm almond milk to make a smooth and creamy latte.

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  1. Strawberries and Raspberries

Not only are these berries jam-packed with antioxidants but they are also a powerhouse of Zinc – a vital mineral involved in the sexual function of both males and females.  They’re also a great source of Vitamin-C which has an indirect link to your libido by boosting energy levels. Looking for a romantic snack to benefit the bedroom? Try dipping berries in dark chocolate for an additional aphrodisiac.

  1. Xi Yang Shen (American Ginseng)

Panax Ginseng, also known as Korean Ginseng or American Ginseng, is a go-to herb for both Western and Chinese Medicine herbalists alike. From a TCM perspective, Xi Yang Shen is a yin nourishing herb that tonifies qi and supports the Heart, Kidney and Lung. From a Western perspective, Panax Ginseng is used to boost energy, lower blood sugar and c

holesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and manage sexual dysfunction in men. Xi Yang Shen is used often in clin

ic, and if you’re experiencing low libido, discuss this with your practitioner during your next visit to Angea to find out how a Chinese herbal formula may support your symptoms.

  1. Avocadoavocado for libido boost

Avocados are loaded with Vitamin B6, a vital-min for boosting your energy levels which impacts your sedrive.  Eating whole foods and healthy fats is our favourite way to good health. Plus, who needs an excuse to add more guac to your plate?!

If you’ve been feeling a little low in the libido, before throwing the towel in, we recommend trying to reduce your stress levels with daily meditation, adding Maca to your smoothie or drinking a warming Yin Yang Huo tea. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine may also assist you with the symptoms associated with low libido and any one of our practitioners would love to support you on your way to a thriving sex life.


Michelle Smith yoga chinese medicine

Michelle is a Melbourne-based yoga and meditation teacher and student of Chinese Medicine. Michelle works at Angea as a Chinese Medicine assistant and herbal dispenser. When Michelle isn’t guiding yogi’s through juicy slow flows, or hand blending the Angea Organic Wellness Tea range, you’ll find her tucked into a book in one of Melbourne’s beautiful outdoor parks.