Fertility Yoga

Oct 1, 2012 | Uncategorized

This article is written about two passions of mine fertility and yoga.

The journey of trying to conceive is an emotional roller coaster. It brings with it, it’s own anxieties, stress,  confusion, questioning, doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, a sense of your body letting you down, isolation, regret, happiness. By the end of the journey you have completed a 360 degree circle of emotions, experiencing each and everyone of them. The magic of yoga is it helps to bring stability and support into your life, especially during life’s most challenging moments. The beautiful gift of yoga, whilst it offers so many health benefits is time devoted to yourself. For an entire hour you have the opportunity to give back to yourself.   A Fertility Yoga class is a place for women to come out of isolation and into a community of support. Fertility Yoga becomes a place to realize you are not alone and to connect with other woman who are experiencing similar emotions and challenges.

Yoga and fertility are two passions of mine.  Firstly, I love working with woman and secondly I love yoga!  Some of you may think of yoga as stretching and postures. However, it is so much more than a physical practice. It is a way of living that brings about peace, calm and awareness. It has a wonderful way of working its magic off the mat into your daily life. When I first started yoga, I was working full time, running my own business and training to compete in triathlons. Of course, I thought I could do it all (as we do as woman) Realistically, something needed to give as I was constantly putting my energy into my work and training and neglecting myself. That’s when I discovered yoga

My first experience of yoga was amazing, it was one of those light bulb moments. I walked off my mat that day and as profound as this may sound, it changed my life. For myself personally, yoga transformed my relationships, my attitude towards life, it brought clarity, calmness, nurturing. And in my hardest times – my breakup of my thirteen-year relationship and the passing of my Mum it gave me peace and the space to feel what I needed too.

Since I began living my yoga, I am better able to handle stressful situations by responding without reacting.  I am more calm, grounded and at peace with my life.  When challenges arise, I am able to face them directly and respond with love and compassion – most of the time!

“Connect with a community of support, relax and stay positive on your journey to conception.

Benefits of fertility yoga:

  • Simulates and tones reproductive organs
  • Helps you feel more in control
  • Increases blood flow to reproductive organs
  • Releases tightness in muscles
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Increases sense of well-being
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Releases emotional tension
  • Releases tight fascia & connective tissue
  • Renew physically, mentally & emotionally
  • Balance your endocrine/hormones
  • Calm your mind
  • Re-connect mind and body

Why Fertility Yoga

Yoga for fertility classes are designed to support women, those new to yoga or couples who are trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive technology (IVF). Yoga for fertility uses specific postures to nourish and stimulate the reproductive organs, reduce stress and relax the mind and body.

Our Classes use special fertility balls in a series of poses to nourish the reproductive organs, calm the nervous system, relax the body and mind to help release accumulated anxiety and stress.


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