Fertility and Vitamin E

May 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

There are so many supplements on the market that can improve and increase our fertility. I am going to share with you, what I find is important to improve and increase our reproductive health and wellness. 

Our body and reproductive system is made up of million and millions of cells, including our sperm and eggs. Vitamin E is essential in protecting and improving our cellular health. It is an important antioxidant for reproduction and fertility.  Research has shown it can improve the overall health of Men’s sperm and in Women can increase our overall egg health. This is great news!

The chemical name of Vitamin E is Alpha-Tocopherol, it comes from the Greek word Tokos which translates to “offspring” and Phero which means to “bear”. It literally means to bear children. I love it when we can find naturally produced foods that contain these qualities. Vitamin E is found in foods  such as almonds and other nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach and apricots.

For the Woman!

Women under going IVF cycles who have been found to have  a thin uterine lining <8mm, Vitamin E has been shown to increase uterine activity and can aid in increasing  the thickness of the endometrial lining. A study published by Fertility & Sterility April 2010,  found that Vitamin E could increases uterine radial artery blood flow. Results showed vit. E given at 600mg a day increased uRA in 72% of patients and endometrial thickness (EM) in 52% of patients.
If you are starting an IVF cycle this may be something you might like to consider. It is always important when going for your scan to ask the thickness of your endometrial lining.

For the Boys!

Vitamin E has been shown to increase your overall sperm health and motility. Vitamin E when taken with Selenium increases live sperm rate. This is most important when having to give a sample for an IVF cycle.  Vitamin E has also been shown to reduce sperm defects. The numbers are actually really good, showing that men who take Vitamin E supplements for even just a few months, can see up to a 10% increase in fertility. I recommend you start now!

In another study, males enrolled in an in vitro fertilization program who had previously had low fertilization rates were treated with oral vitamin E for three months. Fertilization rates increased significantly from 19% to 29% after one month of treatment (Geva).

I would recommend a diet rich in Vitamin E foods and a daily dosage of 500mg.


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