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Feeding your skin the right nutrients is one thing, but feeding your body is the right thing.

Like all other tissues in your body, collagen is made from the raw materials you eat, it’s one of the most important proteins in your body, unfortunately collagen is sensitive to any imbalances you may have, so it’s imperative to watch what you eat – particularly if you suffer from dry skin, irritations, inflammation, cellulite, scarring and acne.
Skin health is so dependent on a healthy diet, and it has a lot to do with the individual, although you may have great skin from your parents, theses genes can potentially change according to your environment and the toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

The quality of your food depends on the strength of your collagen production, it’s comes in all different shapes and sizes and the longer the collagen molecules the better the quality your body is in, and not only will your skin resist aging, but you will have a better chance of avoiding joint problems later on.
How do you correct these sneaky skin imperfections and ageing too fast?

  • Eat Some Collagen: Eating meat off the bone is great, and using the leftover bones in soups, stews and broth floods your bloodstream with collagen goodness (keep it free-range and organic). Check out this recipe from Amanda.
  • Eliminate the Four White Devils: table salt, white flour, processed sugar and pasteurised dairy.
  • Move and Breath Daily: No you don’t have to flog yourself on the treadmill but moving daily helps stagnant qi and blood moving in your body. Take a leisurely walk along the beach or find some grass or bushland and immerse yourself with Mother Nature.
  • Eat Wholesome: Forget the food pyramid, just eat real wholesome and organic food. Not sure where to buy it from? Your local farmer’s market will have a great selection of in season produce.
  • Work out your correct balance of protein in your diet: this mix can only be discovered through Metabolic Typing. It’s not a diet, it’s a food map to finding your correct protein/carb ratios and because one Celebrity Diet / Instagram famous foodie says an apple is right for you, it may not be the case. Metabolic Typing takes out the guess work.
  • Unload the Chemical Load: The latest and greatest skincare regime may be doing more harm then good. Beauty and personal care brands get away with a lot of claims that aren’t necessarily true! If you can’t read what the ingredients list says on the label, then you know what? Don’t use it.
  • Wholesome Skincare: Your skin is your biggest organ and it should be dealt with the upmost care so feed it using kitchen ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil for moisturising and cleansing skin. Add a little sea salt or raw sugar for exfoliation, or use leftover coffee to add to your scrub to encourage skin renewal. I make (INDAH) make really simple skincare and perfume solutions, and there’s a few others that I love like Simple As That and I see the Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic for monthly food facials.



Teisha has certainly proven herself as a savvy businesswoman, establishing her own company INDAH in 2008, which is now recognised globally as a favorite organic health and beauty brand. In 2014 Teisha and her husband Darren Cox opened doors to one of Melbourne’s most unique Holistic Performance centres, called TOTAL REFORMATION. Training from the worldly recognized C.H.E.K Institute as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Teisha also qualifies as a Personal Trainer, Master Aromatherapist, and Natural Therapist specialising in Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Therapy.