Cervical Position & Your Fertility

Jul 31, 2017 | Uncategorized

One frequent question we get asked in clinic is “when am I fertile?”. Most women don’t really know when they are ovulating or when their fertile window is.  One way to become familiar with your menstrual cycle and ovulation is by checking your cervical position. This is a great time to become familiar with your “lady parts”. Doing an internal examination will also allow you to literally feel what is going on down there.

We share with you the best way to get to know your body “internally” and when your fertile window is. Below is a brief description of these subtle changes. If you want to know when you are ovulating read my article https://angea.com.au/5-signs-you-are-ovulating/

How to Check Your Cervical Position:

  • Every woman’s cycle is different, including the length of different phases of the cycle and therefore, it may take several cycles before you get to know your own body.
  • As we move towards ovulation our cervix moves higher and we produce “fertile”cervical fluid.
  • If you are on the pill you may not notice these subtle changes.
  • The best time to check is just after you’ve had a shower and make sure you’ve thoroughly washed your hands.
  • Squat or sit on the toilet, or place one leg on the toilet or bathtub to gain access (different positions will affect your cervical height).
  • By inserting your index and middle finger you want to check for the following signs and how your cervix feels:
  • Days 1-5: Menstruation, it will feel tight, firm and dry. The cervix is open for menstruation to flow.
  • Days 5-13: Follicular, it will feel firm, creamy and spongy.
  • Days 10-18: Ovulation, it will feel soft, moist, slippery, wet and lubricated and is where the cervix is open and high.
  • Days 15-28: Luteal, it will feel firm and dry because the cervix is closed.

Cervical Position

You don’t just need to be having a baby to understanding your cycle, in Amanda’s Body Baby Ready she talks about this more.  Keep in mind that if you have been monitoring your cervical position and tracking ovulation, but you still have not gotten pregnant? Then maybe it’s time to come in and see one of fertility experts at the clinic. Please call 9510 3700 or email info@angea.com.au to book in a time.