World Health Day…what are we missing from our idea of HEALTH?

Apr 12, 2019 | Fertility, Health & Wellbeing

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April 7th was World Health Day. Health receives an entire day universally named for the entire world to experience HEALTH.

Which got me thinking…every single person in this world has their own special idea of what health is. Their own experience of health. Their own filter through which they view health. Some may think health is abundant in this world. Some may experience it to be difficult to achieve. Others may experience that health is only for the wealthy. And still others may feel health is not a leading value in their lives.

My view of health is informed more and more by my womb health practice. I used to think health was just about moving my body, eating well and practicing holistic therapies like meditation, connecting socially and having a purpose. All of which is still true for me.

Since taking a deep dive into women’s health, womb healing and massage and helping women reconnect to their womb wisdom to facilitate deep healing around fertility and womb health, the layers of my understanding of health have deepened.

As a woman, for me, health means being innately connected to our bodies. Reclaiming our power through education about our bodies, through respect and awe for our cycles, our wombs, our cervix’s, our vaginas, our ovaries. Health means tuning IN to all of our bodies big and small signs throughout our monthly cycles as vital clues as to what is happening for us hormonally…can we really be healthy if our endocrine system isn’t humming and being nourished? Health means tuning OUT all of the messages the media, the patriarchy, the fearful aim to instill in us – to be disempowered, disconnected from our bodies, to cap our vibrancy, our brilliance, our wise womban energy.

My view is that the health of the world begins in our very own homes…how can we heal the world if we ourselves are not healed.

Maybe we’ve experienced pregnancy loss that our wombs and hearts are still in deep pain over.

Maybe we have had just one too many days where we can’t get out of bed due to our severe endometrial pain.

Maybe the worry about being not able to conceive with PCOS haunts our souls daily.

Maybe we have suffered abuse at the hands of others that our sacred women’s palace still heals from.

Health is stepping into faith that we CAN heal ourselves.

We have CHOICES. We can do things daily in our homes and in our lives to move one step closer to experience health. We can learn and cultivate daily womb health practices like self massage, castor oil packs and womb meditations to start to shift the gears for deep healing to occur.

We can reach out and enlist the help of specialists and natural health therapists for guidance on how to heal, for second opinions, for empathy and someone to listen.

We can rally our friends and family around us for support…our own healing can often have a flow on effect and helps other to also heal.

Helping women experience health through womb health care is, for me, the missing link to the holistic framework of women’s health. It’s essential.

What’s YOUR vision for your own health, and the health of the world?

My vision and hope for World Health Day is that each woman is healed, one womb at a time.

“Heal the womb, heal the woman….heal the world”



Kimberley Peters

Kimberley is Angea’s resident womb-healer. Kimberley dives deep into her work, walking with women on their fertility and health journeys, offering fertility and women’s health massage. She understands that to ready our bodies for conception and pregnancy, we need to connect into our womb wisdom and nurture this beautiful heart to womb connection.

Kimberley is in practice at Angea in Prahran on Saturdays. Email her at to book in for some womb love.