The gift of health, naturally

Health and wellness is a complex subject. But women’s health and wellness?

It’s a complete and total labyrinth.

Truth is, the modern woman can face a lifetime of hormonal imbalance: relentless stress, superwoman expectations, poor eating habits, environmental toxins – all of these have lead to making us “crazy” women.

Have you been told it’s normal to have mood swings, feel bloated, angry, depressed, and fatigued?

We have good news.

It’s not true. That’s not normal. And we can help.

Want to feel at home in your body, at last? We hear you, and we feel you..

We’ll help you reconnect to your inner goddess and balance your hormones for lasting health and vitality, for good.

  • Want to learn how to make friends with your body again?
  • Want to understand your menstrual cycle?
  • Want to achieve normality after stopping the pill?
  • Do you suffer from hot flushes?
  • Do you suffer from PMS?
  • Want to start a family the natural way?
  • Do you suffer from PCOS or endometriosis?

Angea’s specialty is nurturing women back to a state where they can live extraordinary lives – regardless of their age or whether they’re wanting to start a family or not. We understand that health is not just physiological, so we offer holistic care and treatment that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

At our  clinic we work with patients with a wide variety of health concerns:

  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Menorrhagia ( Heavy Menstrual Bleeding)
  • Painful periods
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Amenorrhea
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Menopausal Concerns

If you have another health concern that’s not listed above, get in touch with us regardless.

It’s our passion to help women feel connected to their bodies again.

Contact us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.