Why these 5 foods are an Endo-warrior’s best friend

//Why these 5 foods are an Endo-warrior’s best friend
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Why these 5 foods are an Endo-warrior’s best friend

Endometriosis is a condition that affects one in ten Australian women, and a condition we treat almost daily in clinic. In fact, at Angea, 35% of our patients have endo! This is an alarming number of women and until recently, it has been a silent condition that often lays undiagnosed for years.

Symptoms of endometriosis range from pelvic pain, immense pain during periods (sometimes so severe it impacts their day to day life), pain during sex, actually, pain pretty much at any time as well as chronic digestive issues like IBS. Some women will experience mood irregulation as well as depression. Many women will also experience fertility challenges.

There is no cure for endometriosis, however, many women experience a reduction in symptoms associated to endo through diet and lifestyle. As endometriosis is an inflammatory disease following an “anti-inflammatory” diet may reduce some of the inflammation associated with the condition.

Here are our top five favourite foods to include in your diet to support your endo symptoms.

1. Warm Foods

In Chinese Medicine theory, we say that the stomach is a steaming cauldron, it is the fire that keeps your whole body warm so if your pouring ice cold water and smoothies into your body, then your body needs to work twice as hard to warm it up. This puts unnecessary stress on your digestive system! We prefer slow cooked stews, warming broths and soups to warm your body and keep your digestive system happy.

2. Omega-3’s

We are huge fans of Omega-3’s not just for our endo patients but really, everyone can benefit from an Omega-3 rich diet. In a recent study, participants who received Omega-3’s reported less signs of depression and anxiety. Another study showed women with the highest intake of Omega-3 were less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis. Omega-3’s are also crucial for brain development in infants, so it is especially important for pregnant women to incorporate them in their final trimester. Our favourite ways to include Omega-3’s in our diet are walnuts, salmon and chia seeds. Try this quick and easy salmon recipe for a weekday dinner win!

3. Cruciferous Vege

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and bok choy help to metabolise and eliminate excess estrogen from your body. Cruciferous vegetables are jam-packed with antioxidants and some of their reported benefits include pain management and antidepressant qualities. All the more reason to whip up our anti-inflammatory Creamy Summer Detox Soup.

4. Estrogen Clearing Foods

So you’re probably thinking, what is an estrogen clearing food and why does it matter?! Well, estrogen is the stimulus for the endometrial growth outside of the uterus in endometriosis. It is common in women with endometriosis to have higher levels of estrogen so it makes sense to avoid food that stimulates estrogen production (such as soy products) and eat more leafy greens that help the body flush out excess estrogen.

5. High Fiber Foods

If you have endo you want to be including high fiber foods such as flax seed, raspberries and brown rice to your diet. Brown rice is a great option for endo as it is gluten free and packed full of fiber. Flax seeds can be purchased at most supermarkets but to get the benefits of the seed they must be broken down first – we recommend purchasing Flax Meal as it can be a quick and easy way to add fiber to your meals.

Other lifestyle recommendations for living with endo

We don’t want to sound like the fun police, but endo associated pain is exacerbated by inflammatory food and drink – we recommend avoiding gluten, alcohol and processed sugars. This the trifecta of inflammation; if you’re not ready to cut them out, maybe you can try for gluten-free Monday to Friday or limit your alcohol consumption to one glass of wine (or drink of choice) a week.

What are your treatment options?

If you have endometriosis or experience endo-like symptoms including painful periods, bloating, mood fluctuations, depression, pain at any time (not just during your period), infertility, painful sex and irritable bowel syndrome you may want to book into Angea to discuss your treatment options. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be effective at managing the symptoms associated with endometriosis.

This month we’re offering an Empowered in Endo package for ten Endo-warriors looking to take control of their health. The package includes 1 hour acupuncture session, 1 Evening Primrose Supplement and ENDO HERBAL blend by Angea PLUS a copy of Dr Amanda Waaldyk’s Body Baby Ready. Receive over $250 of value for just $199. Offer is available until March 31, 2019. Call or email info@angea.com.au to secure this amazing, limited time offer.

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Michelle is a Melbourne-based yoga and meditation teacher and student of Chinese Medicine. Michelle works at Angea as a Chinese Medicine assistant and herbal dispenser. When Michelle isn’t guiding yogi’s through juicy slow flows, or hand blending the Angea Organic Wellness Tea range, you’ll find her tucked into a book in one of Melbourne’s beautiful outdoor parks. 

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