Postnatal Depletion

The meaning of the term Postnatal Depletion sounds pretty straightforward. In some ways it is. It means depletion of the mother in the postnatal period. The problem though is that most people are unaware of what the postnatal period actually is, limiting it to the year or so after the birth of the child. Many [...]

Why You Need To Get Real About Stress

Stress. We hear about it all the time. We read the articles on all the dis-ease it’s linked to and that we need to be meditating and de-stressing more. But does it really deserve the bad wrap it gets? Is it even realistic to think we can live stress free lives in our modern-day world? [...]

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5 Magic Facts about Chinese Herbs

For generations, the Chinese have long been using herbs to treat disease and ailments. In fact, the mystic energy that surrounds the healing powers of Chinese herbs can be traced back over 3000 years. Now, across the globe, researchers and pharmaceutical companies are joining forces to bring traditional medicine to the twenty first century, and [...]

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How to reduce stress during your IVF cycle

Today, many of us are living lifestyles where our day is packed full to the rafters. It’s hustle and bustle from the time we wake, till we hit the pillow. Add an IVF cycle into the mix and it adds another full time job to the list of your priorities. While some are able to [...]

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FMT for Stress Induced Reproductive Dysfunction

Despite the name, Fertility Massage Therapy (FMT) is not just for women wanting to conceive. In fact, FMT can help ANY woman who is experiencing any kind of hormonal imbalance. One of the (many) ways FMT can help is by down-regulating the stress response, reducing stress hormones and encouraging the natural rhythm of reproductive hormones… [...]

Digestive Health- The friendly bacteria

Our practitioner Lee gives you some insight into digestive health. Delving into what issues you may need to address, and how you can rectify them. Digestive health is a much bigger issue than we understand. The food that we are ingesting on a daily basis may not seem harmful to our health, however this just [...]

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How to Deal with Daily Stress from a Yogi Perspective

This month at Angea we've been talking stress and how to deal with daily stress from a yogi perspective. We shared with you a Simple Stir-fry Recipe for a stress free dinner, 5 Yoga Poses to Help Reduce Stress and we also spoke with local Melbourne Yoga Teacher and Physiotherapist Irene Ais all about her [...]

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10 Daily Habits and Practices for Reducing Stress Out of Your Life

Today, many of us are living lifestyles where our day is packed full to the rafters. It’s hustle and bustle from the time we wake, till we hit the pillow. While some are able to cope with the high demands of life, others can be left feeling tired, overwhelmed and “stressed out”. Did you know? [...]

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Your Holistic Guide to Fertility & IVF

Working in the field of fertility with both men and women, I see the constant struggles that individuals and couples go through trying to fall pregnant, either naturally or through In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). Approximately 1 in 6 couples struggle with fertility issues. Having been through the fertility journey myself, I understand the challenges that it [...]