My story- IVF & Natural Killer Cells

My fertility journey started quite some time ago at the start of 2014. My husband and I had just started "trying" and fell pregnant pretty quickly but miscarried very early on in what appeared to have been a chemical pregnancy. Being the impatient person that I am I decided to start looking into our fertility [...]

Males, Nutrition & Fertility

When we think of Males and fertility it's something we don't  really pay a lot of attention too.  Infertility can be just as much as a man's issue as a woman's. Up to 40 percent of fertility can be traced to men, which is a big statistic.  Nutrition has a direct impact on sperm potency [...]

Part II: How to Read your Sperm Analysis. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The truth is out about Men's infertility. Now we are faced with the cold hard facts. The results of your Semen Analysis stare you straight in the face. What information does this piece of paper hold. Is it good or is it just plain bad? A Semen Analysis considers many factors. However, it is the [...]

The Truth About Men’s Sperm: Part 1

Ok boys the data is finally out about the quality of men’s sperm. The truth is male factor infertility is on the rise and the quality of men’s sperm is on the decline.  I wanted to raise awareness around this topic as it has affected many of my male clients recently. In 2010, the World [...]

Did you Know?

Did you know the difference between female and male fertility? The Wall Street Journal published some very interesting research recently, which suggests that although women are born with a limited reserve of eggs, the female egg contains original genetic component, as she ages, that was created at the very start of a woman's life. Male sperm, on [...]

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