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Cultivating Intimacy with Self

As the calendar flicks over to the month of February, a lot of us associate this month with Valentine’s Day, the day of cupid and all things love and romance. At Angea, we are all for love and romance! However, as always, we love to dive in deeper. Our word of the month is intimacy. [...]

What is dry body brushing?

Dry body brushing seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment, which is wonderful! The benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic technique are incredible, add in dry body brushing to: - Increase muscle tone - Improve skin texture (luminosity and suppleness) - Reduce the effects of stress on the body - Promote weight management by [...]

The Importance of Rituals

 Rituals can be anything from a religious or spiritual practice, to something as mundane as taking the same route to work, or a particular sequence in which you do things in the morning. Whilst some may cringe at the thought of sticking to a schedule or structure the proof is in the chia pudding; rituals [...]

My Favourite Ways to Invite more Self Love

Our theme for the month of February at Angea is LOVE. We can think romantic love with Valentines Day falling in this month, but we can also use it as an invitation for our focus to turn inwards on our own self-love journey. We hear about self- love everywhere these days but what does it [...]

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