Living with the Seasons: Winter Edition

In Chinese culture, living with the seasons is a concept that is integrated into daily life. In fact, it is not only Chinese culture that promotes a symbiotic approach with nature, Australia’s indigenous people and India’s ayurvedic traditions both understand the benefits of living in mother nature’s tune. There’s an inherent wisdom that lies in [...]

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AUTUMN | Living in Harmony with the Seasons

For all the summer lovers out there, it’s time to hang up the bathers as we are entering autumn in Melbourne. It was a glorious summer with long sunny days spent at the beach soaking in all the Yang energy from the almighty sun. I like many others resist the change in temperatures as I [...]

SUMMER – Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Summer is finally upon us! As we rejoice that the season of sun is here, for most of us it is also one of the busiest times as one year comes to an end with another looming on the horizon. Today I am going to share some Chinese medicine wisdom on what the season of [...]

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