Heavenly Chi – Sea of Red

There is quite often a tendency in the West to separate ourselves from nature. This goes for some farming practices, the ways in which we eat, and also in the way we view our bodies – this peculiar idea that bodily functions are things that occur TO us, rather than being a part of us. [...]

Unlocking your fertility potential

You’ve decided you’re ready for a baby. Congratulations! We know how exciting this time can be. Yet we also know that attempting to make an entirely new human can be emotional, tough and frustrating. While you can't always control the fertility process, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving, [...]

Sugar sugar sugar

Most of us don’t really consciously think about Diabetes. However the way that the Western diet has developed following the rise of agriculture really has many of us moving steadily in that direction.   Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic health condition in Australia. Almost 5% of all Australians already have Diabetes, and that number [...]

MIA Periods and What You Can Do

When a woman comes to me experiencing missed periods and cycles, and feels her only choice to get her body back on track is via the contraceptive pill, I often want to give them a great big HUG! Not just because I feel their frustration and fears, but because they’re often not told about the [...]

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Drinking Fertility Herbal Teas to Enhance Your Cycle & Hormones

You will hear us talk a lot about “fours” at the clinic. The Four Stages of the Menstrual Cycle. The Four Rites of Conception. Four Core Phases of Fertility. The Four Phases held within our Angea Fertility Conception teas. There is magic in the number of four. In most instances, women who have a 28 [...]

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Get to know your body

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine I always strive to educate my patients however I can. Education is one of the most empowering things you can do on your health journey. It’s all very well to get advice on what to eat and how to live, but when you can actually understand the why behind [...]

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Introducing the Full Moon Women’s Circle

For millennia women have understood and celebrated the intimate connection between the lunar cycle and our menstrual cycles.  In modern times despite all our advancements we have become completely disconnected from our bodies and along the way have forgotten the powerful ancient wisdom we used to hold. According to Daoist tradition there are many connections between [...]


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a complicated endocrine (hormonal) disorder that affects a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, hormones and metabolism. More seriously can lead to obesity and increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. PCOS symptoms present themselves differently from woman to woman making this condition difficult to diagnose. In fact, many woman don’t they have [...]

Easing Period Pain with Chinese Herbs

Easing Period Pain with Chinese Herbs Period pain is something many women experience month after month throughout their reproductive years. It is a frustrating condition and women are often not provided many healthful options in treating their pain. For a lot of women, their period pain can range anywhere from mild dull aches to intense [...]

  • Raw Vegemite


If you're a "happy little vegemite" and love your morning dose of vegemite, then you'll be pleased to know it comes in raw form. No matter what your base, toast or crumpets it's always nice to know there's heather versions available for your favourite spread! This Raw Vegemite Recipe is full of b vitamins , magnesium, [...]