The Magic of our Menstrual Blood

Each month our body undergoes a process of building a lining in preparation for the possibility of implantation and pregnancy. This isn’t a flaw design of our human body. In fact, our reptilian brain and body was designed for the purposes of procreation. Our blood line is our connection to our lineage and matriarchal line. [...]

My story- IVF & Natural Killer Cells

My fertility journey started quite some time ago at the start of 2014. My husband and I had just started "trying" and fell pregnant pretty quickly but miscarried very early on in what appeared to have been a chemical pregnancy. Being the impatient person that I am I decided to start looking into our fertility [...]

The Impact of Insulin on our Hormones and Fertility

Did you realise that every time you eat, it sends a message to your hormones? Women’s Hormones work as an intricate system, using a continuous feedback loop. When one hormone is out of balance, the others will adjust and thus fall out of balance as well. When we think of Women’s Health, we immediately associate estrogen, [...]

Drinking Fertility Herbal Teas to Enhance Your Cycle & Hormones

You will hear us talk a lot about “fours” at the clinic. The Four Stages of the Menstrual Cycle. The Four Rites of Conception. Four Core Phases of Fertility. The Four Phases held within our Angea Fertility Conception teas. There is magic in the number of four. In most instances, women who have a 28 [...]

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A personal story about painful periods

Our periods start when we are barely just teenagers. I remember the day so clearly, as I’m sure most of you do! I was 13 years old and we were holidaying in Lakes Entrance with friends. I remember getting out of the spa and going to the bathroom when it happened. I was bleeding, and [...]

What is considered a normal period?

Here in the West, we view our menstrual cycle completely different to how the Chinese women view theirs. The Chinese have innate wisdom and approach towards their periods and menopause. They are educated about their menstrual cycles. 
As soon as a woman in china notices an irregularity with her period, the first thing she does [...]

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