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My story- IVF & Natural Killer Cells

My fertility journey started quite some time ago at the start of 2014. My husband and I had just started "trying" and fell pregnant pretty quickly but miscarried very early on in what appeared to have been a chemical pregnancy. Being the impatient person that I am I decided to start looking into our fertility [...]

How the Moon Affects Our Menstrual Cycles

A lot of us know about the moon phases. We can see when the moon is new, when it is full, and the fluctuations inbetween the two. We have watched this infinite dance the moon performs for us each and every month, for years. However many of us are unaware that this moon cycle that [...]

The Importance of Yin

In a world that celebrates all things Yang, how can we learn to love the Importance of being Yin? I was once (in what feels like another life time ago) living a life completely embodied within my Yang qualities. I worked in a very fast paced, high pressure environment; I trained for hours on end every [...]


Viv Klaver - Nutritionist.  B (Psych), BSc (Nut Med) Viv has always been a science nerd, and although she initially started in the corporate world after studying a Bachelor of Psychology and Business, she very quickly realized she didn’t want a desk job. She loves all things food and health, so she went back to [...]

11 Reasons why Acupuncture is your fertility best friend!

➕ Anytime we do acupuncture, we are helping the body find homeostasis, its balance. A healthy, balanced body is naturally fertile. ➕ It can be used to support you whether you are trying to concieve with or without reproductive technology (eg. IVF, IUI, donor programs). ➕ Helps you to understand your body and your fertility [...]


When it comes to conceiving we want to take a holistic approach to our health, and this also includes our weight. Having a "healthy weight range" can influence your overall chances of conceiving or not.  While it remains a sensitive topic, it's important to highlight the need to creating a healthy body. This is not about getting [...]

Serotonin Smoothie

If you are feeling a wee bit 'meh' as your holidays have ended and are looking for something to put a smile back on your dial. Our resident Naturopath Lauren Campbell has shared her much loved (and requested) Serotonin Smoothie recipe. I can hear the buzz of our blenders ringing now! 1 tbls whey protein [...]

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How To Read Your Fertility Signs

The big O. No, not Orgasm…Ovulation. It’s the time when women are at their most fertile. It’s the optimal time to be having sex if you want to conceive (and the worst if you want to avoid it). But do you actually know when you’re ovulating each month? As a woman, one of the most [...]

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Get to know your body

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine I always strive to educate my patients however I can. Education is one of the most empowering things you can do on your health journey. It’s all very well to get advice on what to eat and how to live, but when you can actually understand the why behind [...]

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A personal story about painful periods

Our periods start when we are barely just teenagers. I remember the day so clearly, as I’m sure most of you do! I was 13 years old and we were holidaying in Lakes Entrance with friends. I remember getting out of the spa and going to the bathroom when it happened. I was bleeding, and [...]