Why we should get moving this Spring!

During September at Angea our theme is MOVEMENT. Now, a lot of us are well informed about the benefits of exercise and moving our bodies from a Western perspective. From Chinese medicine perspective however, we understand on a deeper level. With Spring upon us, it’s a time of regeneration, renewal and revitalizing. After a long, [...]

How to Connect to Your Inner Goddess

When I think of a woman connected to her inner goddess, the words that come to mind for me are strong, powerful, resilient, soft, creative, and happy. A woman that is connected to her inner goddess is fully embodying herself with no apologies and living her true authentic self. She is happy, radiant and living [...]

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Living in Harmony with the Seasons and Chinese Medicine – Spring is Finally Here!

  Living in harmony with the seasons and chinese medicine is a powerful way to transform your health. As the sun peeps from behind the clouds and the temperature begins to rise, our energies naturally start to lift. Spring is the new beginning and the time to rise with the early morning light and take [...]

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