Tips to optimise Winter through Chinese Medicine

The Artic Chill has well and truely settled in and is here to stay, which seems crazy as it felt like yesterday we were bathed in sunshine and running around in t-shirts. Just like how the seasons change we need to adapt our routine and lifestyle to that of our environment. Moving from the hot, [...]

11 Reasons why Acupuncture is your fertility best friend!

➕ Anytime we do acupuncture, we are helping the body find homeostasis, its balance. A healthy, balanced body is naturally fertile. ➕ It can be used to support you whether you are trying to concieve with or without reproductive technology (eg. IVF, IUI, donor programs). ➕ Helps you to understand your body and your fertility [...]

Fertile Friday

Welcome to Fertile Friday's where we talk all things fertility, pregnancy, labour and birth. Your snap shot guide. A healthy menstrual cycle is key to reproductive wellness and our fertility. Let your cycle blossom. For females it all begins with our menstrual cycles.  When I studied in China women were so aware of their cycles [...]