Why we should get moving this Spring!

During September at Angea our theme is MOVEMENT. Now, a lot of us are well informed about the benefits of exercise and moving our bodies from a Western perspective. From Chinese medicine perspective however, we understand on a deeper level. With Spring upon us, it’s a time of regeneration, renewal and revitalizing. After a long, [...]

Creamy Summer Detox Soup

This beautiful soup from our talented acupuncturist Dr Lucy Vorbach, will have your soul singing and your liver thanking you! A quick and easy recipe with just the right combination of herbs and vegetables. This soup will keep your organs loving you as we start waving goodby to the summer nights. 1 x brown onion [...]

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SPRING – Living in harmony with the seasons and Chinese Medicine

Today is the first glorious day of spring! As the sun peeps from behind the clouds and the temperature slowly begins to rise, our energy starts to lift. Spring represents a new beginning after our long hibernation during the winter months. We have nurtured ourselves in preparation for new growth. Spring is the time to [...]

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