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5 things to do when given the label of infertility.

The label of infertility is a harsh one, but not uncommon with approximately 1 in 6 couples in Australia predicted to experience issues with their fertility. Despite being common, it is a largely unspoken topic with many women feeling the overwhelming burden of infertility resting on their shoulders and the sense of isolation that accompanies [...]

11 Reasons why Acupuncture is your fertility best friend!

➕ Anytime we do acupuncture, we are helping the body find homeostasis, its balance. A healthy, balanced body is naturally fertile. ➕ It can be used to support you whether you are trying to concieve with or without reproductive technology (eg. IVF, IUI, donor programs). ➕ Helps you to understand your body and your fertility [...]

AUTUMN | Living in Harmony with the Seasons

For all the summer lovers out there, it’s time to hang up the bathers as we are entering autumn in Melbourne. It was a glorious summer with long sunny days spent at the beach soaking in all the Yang energy from the almighty sun. I like many others resist the change in temperatures as I [...]

Our IVF Journey | MY STORY

We are honoured to be sharing our second MY STORY. The following is the personal journey of Lydia Bergantino who has bravely shared her IVF journey with us. Let's make 2018 the year of #letsstarttheconversation. You can follow the journey of these incredible women on our blog and instagram #letsstartheconversation   Our IVF Journey This story starts 10yrs [...]

Creamy Summer Detox Soup

This beautiful soup from our talented acupuncturist Dr Lucy Vorbach, will have your soul singing and your liver thanking you! A quick and easy recipe with just the right combination of herbs and vegetables. This soup will keep your organs loving you as we start waving goodby to the summer nights. 1 x brown onion [...]

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The new year gives us the fresh opportunity to look at our lives, look at what we have created around us and see if it still resonates. Does your job still call to you? Are your relationships aligned with your core values? Do you have any voluntary commitments that just aren’t lighting you up anymore? [...]

SUMMER – Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Summer is finally upon us! As we rejoice that the season of sun is here, for most of us it is also one of the busiest times as one year comes to an end with another looming on the horizon. Today I am going to share some Chinese medicine wisdom on what the season of [...]

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How to Connect to Your Inner Goddess

When I think of a woman connected to her inner goddess, the words that come to mind for me are strong, powerful, resilient, soft, creative, and happy. A woman that is connected to her inner goddess is fully embodying herself with no apologies and living her true authentic self. She is happy, radiant and living [...]

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How to reduce stress during your IVF cycle

Today, many of us are living lifestyles where our day is packed full to the rafters. It’s hustle and bustle from the time we wake, till we hit the pillow. Add an IVF cycle into the mix and it adds another full time job to the list of your priorities. While some are able to [...]

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Get to know your body

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine I always strive to educate my patients however I can. Education is one of the most empowering things you can do on your health journey. It’s all very well to get advice on what to eat and how to live, but when you can actually understand the why behind [...]

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