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Breast Milk Supply and Nutrition Part 2

Following on from our previous post which delves into the Chinese Medicine perspective on breast milk supply, this week we have written what this can actually look like and Kim's top 10 tips to include if you are having lactation issues. In the first week post partum, the new mother needs warming. This is not [...]

Breast Milk Supply and Nutrition Part 1

Today in our blog we are talking about nutrition and breast milk supply. After labour, breast milk supply can sometimes be a struggle for mothers. Whilst some mother’s can produce enough supply, for those who have low milk supply feelings of stress, guilt, worry and frustration can take over. The way your baby nurses also affects [...]

Breast Feeding – harder than you thought?

On our blog today we share a post from our dear friend Vicky Mann from Little Minx Milestones. Vicky shares her take on breast feeding and what obstacles you might encounter. An act that some of us assume will be easy, and a wonderful bonding experience, can sometimes become challenging and hard work. Here’s what [...]

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