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Most of us don’t really consciously think about Diabetes. However the way that the Western diet has developed following the rise of agriculture really has many of us moving steadily in that direction.   Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic health condition in Australia. Almost 5% of all Australians already have Diabetes, and that number [...]

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RECIPE: SAVOURY RICE PORRIDGE (Congee) This Savoury Rice Porridge recipe is warm and appetising which can help fortify the spleen and is a great meal to start your day.  In Chinese Medicine we recommend eating in flow with the seasons and it is Winter, so we need to keep warm from the inside out. Congee is traditionally eaten at [...]


Feeding your skin the right nutrients is one thing, but feeding your body is the right thing. Like all other tissues in your body, collagen is made from the raw materials you eat, it’s one of the most important proteins in your body, unfortunately collagen is sensitive to any imbalances you may have, so it’s [...]

Mix it up Monday: Bone Broth – Elixir of Life

Bone Broth has been around for centuries in many different cultures. Broth is medicine food and its benefits are extensive. In the west, we have just discovered the benefits of broth. What’s old is new again, and bone broth is right on trend. What is all the rage about! In the classics of Chinese Medicine, [...]

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Drink Bone Broth, its Soul Food for your Gut and your Fertility.

  Everyone is talking about Bone Broth! What is it? How can it improve my health?  How can it help my fertility? I wanted to talk to Mel from Functional Nutrition about Bone broth and the benefits for gut health and enhancing our fertility. This is what Mel had to say! Drink your broth, its soul [...]

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