Want more health and a strong, supple body to support you throughout your pregnancy?

Pre-natal yoga is designed to reconnet your mind, body and soul so that you can grow and improve your wellbeing and body-confidence throughout pregnancy.

Arrive frazzled and frenzied. Leave blissed-out and beautiful

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times for you and your body, and you’ll go through a number of physical changes over the next coming months.

That’s why we’ve developed gentle, restorative and relaxing pre-natal yoga classes to help you prepare yourself physically for the stresses of pregnancy and labour.

Pre-natal yoga, or pregnancy yoga, is simply one of the best exercises you can do to ensure your pregnancy and labour are as complication-free as possible.

Love your body with pre-natal yoga

Growing a new life is no easy task. Pregnancy and labour take a lot out of you energetically and emotionally, placing new stresses on your body. Your heart has to pump for one extra person, your lungs have to breathe for two, and your digestive system has to operate on double-time.

Your body is naturally designed for creating life, but starting an extreme ‘get fit’ or ‘lose weight fast’ program should not be your priority throughout pregnancy. Yoga is a low impact, nurturing, calming and regenerative form of exercise that will nourish your body from the inside out, allowing you to give yourself the love and care you need at this special time.

All of our pre-natal yoga classes focus on creating an environment of supportive feminine energy, so we accommodate our classes to include women at all stages of their pregnancy.

A friendly word of advice: always let your yoga teacher know what trimester you are currently in before starting class.

What to expect at a pre-natal yoga class

We welcome all beautiful mothers-to-be to our yoga studio – no experience necessary.

If you’re in your first trimester, your chance of miscarriage is at its highest. We strongly recommend you take an ‘easy-does-it’ approach to any form of exercise, including pre-natal yoga classes, and avoid extreme hip and lower back stretches.

  • Each pre-natal yoga class will integrate:
  • A hatha flow to calm, uplift and restore body love
  • Magical meditations and dreamy visualisations to improve your emotional wellbeing
  • Exercises to engage your pelvic floor
  • Upper-body work to prepare your body for carrying a baby
  • Pre-natal yoga poses to strengthen your legs for childbirth
  • Postural exercises and stretches to help you cope with your changing centre of gravity
  • Breathing exercises to help you focus and practice for childbirth