Dr Amanda Waaldyk

Dr Amanda WaaldykDirector Angea Acupuncture & Yoga
“I’m here to help guide you through this journey. My work is to educate you, walk with you, guide you, challenge you, find balance with you and help you live your dream in one of the most incredible journeys you will ever take into motherhood”.

Our founder Dr Amanda Waaldyk a well-known Melbourne Practitioner, began her practice in 2006 and established Angea Fertility Clinic in 2007. Ever since then we have worked with hundreds of patients looking to improve their health, and we’ve had remarkable success in helping them achieve their goals! We are fully licensed Practitioners and our services are covered by most health Insurances.

Amanda has worked internationally with some of the best fertility experts and studied Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with renowned Chinese hospitals including Zhejiang Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Hangzhou, Red Cross International Hospital Huai Hua and Jinan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shandong TCM Affiliated Hospital. She has a Bachelor of Health Science with Victoria University with a strong focus on gynaecology and musculoskeletal disorders.

Amanda has a passion for Fertility and Women’s health. Having been through the fertility journey herself. Amanda’s vision is to create and build a community for women to join together, come out of isolation, share, connect and experience this journey through Acupuncture and Yoga. She lives near the Angea clinic, with her partner and two children.

She is a member of AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association) and is a registered and licensed practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board. Amanda’s services are covered by most healthcare providers.

Angea - Lauren Curtain

Lauren CurtainPractitioner
Lauren Curtain is a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner, completing her 4 year degree at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. She has a strong passion for all things Chinese Medicine, fertility and women’s health.

Lauren understands the importance of patient empowerment; she is passionate about educating patients every step of the way, providing realistic guidance they can start using as soon as they leave the clinic.

Lauren creates a warm, loving and judgement free environment for her patients. They feel comfortable and are able to enter deep relaxation and begin their journey of health and healing. Her treatment techniques include a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, Tui Na (Chinese Remedial Massage) and lifestyle and dietary therapy.

She is registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board and a member of AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association). Her services are covered by most health care providers.

Lucy V

Lucy VorbachPractitioner

Lucy Vorbach, is a registered doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. She is a driven women’s health, hormone balancing and natural fertility professional, a certified Cosmetic Acupuncturist and health and wellness educator.

With over a decade of clinical experience, Lucy is highly accomplished and devoted to supporting couples and individuals achieve their goals in health and fertility.  Through her heart-felt, progressive, gentle, direct and honest approach, Lucy is consistently contributing to positive outcomes in fertility, pre-conception care, pregnancy, pre and post labour, IVF support, menopause, acne, anti-aging, mental and general health. Lucy is determined to inspire, encourage, and empower women to be their best version of themselves.

Lucy holds a double Bachelor of Health Science with Victoria University, is Nationally Registered with AHPRA, a member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society Association, and an internationally recognized Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture, fertility and weight loss practitioner. She will be joining us from September.

Lauren Campbell Web site pic

Lauren CampbellNaturopath and Fertility Massage Therapist

Lauren is a Naturopath and Fertility Massage Therapist with a BHSc Naturopathy and a Certificate in Fertility Massage. A true advocate of holistic health and wellbeing. By seeing hundreds of clients, Lauren recognises that only a truly holistic approach can achieve outstanding results. For this reason, Lauren has furthered her studies to incorporate fertility massage, yoga & meditation for a mind-body-spirit approach.

Lauren believes that rather than merely surviving we must thrive in health. She encourages her patients to honour themselves, their health and commit to their journey towards optimum well-being and a vibrant full life. Above all, Lauren believes that the road to health should not be complex, overwhelming or confusing. Her approach encompasses practical lifestyle changes, nourishing foods, gut healing, herbal medicine, emotional release, massage & yoga aimed at igniting your self-healing processes. Sometimes it takes only one or two key changes to turn things around.

Lauren has a unique way of combining the latest research and science with traditional healing techniques. For this reason Lauren always takes an investigative approach using functional diagnostic tests to investigative gut health, infections, food allergies, hormones, liver function, gene testing, nutrient status and many more.

“I believe it is important to know what we are dealing with first. What has started the cascade of events that have led you to this health issue? It’s never just one thing, but unravelling the maze is now possible with some clever testing. Once we know, we can use food, nutrients, herbs and traditional healing as medicine- that’s when the magic happens!”

Lauren offers her unique treatment of Fertility Massage at Angea together with her naturopathic expertise and functional testing.