Awareness of the body is our
gateway into the truth of what is.”

– Tara Brach

Angea Acupuncture and Yoga is…

A movement. A mission. A vision. A loving methodology. A constant aide for those in need of care and community. A never-ending lesson in learning to nourish and cherish your body. A haven of women who have all been there. A collective of women who all want to share. A Feng Shui sanctuary away from all the craziness…

Angea Acupuncture and Yoga clinic was established to help, love and nurture women who have difficulty conceiving. It is our honour to help support you on your journey using our knowledge of Western medicine, Eastern medicine and therapeutic yoga.

The legend of Angea

Our clinic is named after the fertility goddess of Australian Indigenous mythology, Anjea (pronounced An-gee-ah). Anjea is a keeper of people’s souls in between their incarnations, and recreates new children from mud and places them in the wombs of future mothers when souls are ready to re-enter the world again. The twigs are arranged in the ground so as to form a circle and are tied together at their tops, so that the resulting structure resembles a cone. Similar to the imagery in the logo of Angea, the cone is the representation of the womb or as we commonly refer to it in Chinese Medicine ‘The Conception Vessel’.

To respect Indigenous culture and beliefs, our clinic has changed spelling of ‘Anjea’ to ‘Angea’.

The Angea Difference

Most women who come to our clinic are feeling stressed, frustrated and broken. We all personally understand how exhausting the journey to motherhood can be, which is why we welcome all women with open arms…literally. We offer our patients a unique, intimate and personable experience, providing an urban sanctuary that combines ancient methodologies with modern fertility techniques. We endeavour to create a safe space so you can let down your barriers and truly be yourself.

Don’t be surprised if our practitioners offer you a hug!

Science meets soulful treatment

We’re a team of professionals with a clear and thorough understanding of Western medicine, the IVF process and Natural Fertility, but we also see the human side of this journey. Your hopes. Your dreams. Your doubts and your fears. Which is what makes Angea unlike any other fertility clinic.

We understand that your journey to motherhood starts with your health – both emotional and physical. We believe that everything is connected, which is why you’ll find our holistic, heart-centred and supportive approach a refreshing change.

What makes Angea a successful clinic is our close working relationship between patient and practitioner – this is central to our success. We foster all of our working relationships with high levels of respect, regard, compassion and care. We won’t just tell you what to do, we’ll guide and educate you through the four stages of conception, helping you to get in touch and connected with your body. We’ll help you to understand your fertility and menstrual cycle, and we’ll educate you about the IVF process, if that’s your focus. If you are going through an IVF cycle we can support with our IVF acupuncture program.

The Angea Movement

We believe that what we’ve created at Angea isn’t just a methodology…it’s a movement. A call to reconnect with our inner goddess, to nurture and love our bodies like divine temples, and to take our health into our own hands..

The Angea Method™ is a fertile method which owner Amanda created over the last decade of working with infertile women.

“I have found out what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve tried and tested this methodology on myself for both my babies and on the hundreds of women who have fallen pregnant with Angea. So I believe in it 100%.” – Amanda Waaldyk, found of Angea Yoga and Fertility.

The Angea Method™ is delivered as a complete, soul-nourishing package to reconnect you with your body, your menstrual cycle and your inner goddess. We work with you by teaching you how to reconnect with your body by teaching you principles that you can apply to your daily life. All technique encompasses the mind, body and spirit, because we believe that all are divinely connected.

At Angea we support you on your journey of fertility into motherhood and beyond by providing you with the right tools and a beautiful community of like-minded women.

Come and join our Angea family. Contact us today for a complementary 15-minute phone consultation