Creating a new life is a journey…..

All of the women who visit us are at different points in their own journeys and follow different paths, and we consider it our job to support them and see them through to the end.

For some, this journey might involve IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). It’s not an easy decision to make, and the process can be physically and emotionally stressful. We understand the craziness in this process and offer you a sanctuary, away from all the madness.

That’s why we’ve developed an acupuncture program to support the IVF process.

Stress-free, effective fertility acupuncture

We at Angea have first-hand experience of what it’s like to feel as though you’re not in control of your body. The IVF process can be uncomfortable and confronting, and cause whole waves of emotions.

Frustration? We’ve felt it…and conquered it with love and understanding.

Isolation? We’ve been there…so we created a tribe of supportive, caring women.

Sad, anxious and confused? We understand you…so we treat you like the life-giving goddess that you are.

Our IVF Acupuncture is an integrative program that works with you and your IVF doctor. We work together with your body and your current IVF cycle.

Acupuncture and IVF: Research

Research into the effectiveness of acupuncture  has been a growing field of research with a number of studies, meta analysis and reviews being released over the years. A 2015 review found acupuncture to be effective when used on the day of IVF transfer.

A 2016  systematic review by Qian et al found that “Based on an analysis of the studies, acupuncture improves the clinical pregnancy rate among women undergoing IVF‘. This is promising, as earlier systematic reviews found that evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture used to support  IVF and other assisted reproductive technology was “unclear”

Integrative care from a compassionate team

We take a holistic approach to fertility here at Angea. Unlike most fertility clinics, we don’t just receive our patients for a consultation and then send them on their way. During the treatment program, you’ll receive a personalised assessment and a fertility information pack which covers, nutrition, fertility-enhancing foods specific to your condition, IVF preparation & IVF support supplements etc.  Only supplements which are safe to take during the IVF cycle will be recommended.

Your first visit for this program is 90 minutes in length and will include your first fertility acupuncture treatment. During this visit we’ll talk about your medical history, lab results, lifestyle, diet and menstrual cycle details.

All follow up visits are approximately one hour.

The IVF Acupuncture Process

Prior to Starting Your IVF Cycle

Your body is a temple of life, which is why we recommend undergoing acupuncture before your IVF treatments begin to help prepare your body. Some of the research tends to suggest that the use of acupuncture on the day of transfer may improve outcomes.

During the Stimulation Phase

Uncomfortable IVF side effects are alleviated with acupuncture, helping to reduce anxiety during this stressful period.

Acupuncture after Egg Collection

Remember what we said about your body being a temple? We recommend IVF patients have an acupuncture treatment after egg collection. This may assist to reduce any local tissue trauma or bleeding.

On the Day of Embryo Transfer

We recommend pre and post transfer acupuncture. Calm mind, Calm Body.

One Week After Embryo Transfer

After the fertilised embryo has been transferred, we recommend acupuncture weekly. Research has indicated that acupuncture may assist decrease the possibility of miscarriage.

If your pregnancy results are positive – (BIG HUGS!) – we would strongly advise undergoing acupuncture during your first semester. This will help to support you and the hormonal changes you may be undergoing. We’ve helped many couples bring more joy to their lives with our holistic services and compassionate care.

Come and join our Angea family and contact us today.

* Manheimer Eric, Zhang Grant, Udoff Laurence, Haramati Aviad, Langenberg Patricia, Berman Brian M et al. Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and meta-analysis, BMJ 2008; 336:545.