Food and Fertility

Jul 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

Wherever you are at in your fertility journey, it is really important that you take a really good look at your diet. Thankfully, most medical professionals at least now recommend supplemental nutrients (for example folate or iron), however most of them do not talk about the intricacies of nutrition, which is why so many women simply do not realize the importance.


It makes sense really: What we put into our bodies determines which resources our body has available to use and to build a new human. So if the resources aren’t there, or if they are suboptimal or in fact damaging, then fertility is one of the first things to suffer, because when the body isn’t receiving the nutrition it needs, it thinks it’s in a crisis state and unfit to procreate (survival of the fittest, really).

So exactly HOW does what we eat influence our fertility?

Inflammation: Food can be pro- or anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a big culprit in many health conditions, including endometriosis, PCOS, diabetes and heart disease to name a few. Inflammation in the gut leads to an immune response, causing your body to be on high alert. It also significantly reduces the absorption of nutrients.


Insulin resistance: Even slightly elevated blood sugar levels cause in increase in insulin, which in turn leads to a desensitization of insulin receptors, also known as insulin resistance. This is happening in many of us without us even realizing. Insulin also plays havoc with our hormones by influencing the brain’s output of other hormones, so it is very important to keep insulin levels in check.


The gut microbiome: Naturopathically the gut is seen as the centre of all health, including for the immune system, nervous system and more. The balance of bacteria is very delicate, and can influence the health of the vagina, inflammation in the gut, digestion and absorption of nutrients and even cause food intolerances and lead to a huge range of symptoms. A bacterial imbalance also causes constant irritation to the gut lining, resulting in reduced defences and a syndrome called ‘Leaky Gut’, again resulting in a significant immune response and lowering fertility.

These are just 3 examples of how food influences your fertility, and there are many more. So we cannot stress enough how important it is to look at your diet when you are considering becoming a parent. Whether one small step at a time, or a total dietary overhaul, you will reap the benefits of better nutrition in more ways than one.

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