Ancient wisdom for modern women

Let us tell you a secret…

You have a magnificent body. It’s hard-wired to work a certain, and when in balance and harmony responds wonderfully to ancient medicine.

That’s why we take an integrative approach to women’s fertility and incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine .

Why Chinese Medicine?

We believe in the complementary use of Chinese herbs for fertility because we’ve seen them work for ourselves. Chinese herbs for fertility give you a rock-solid immune system, and strengthen your overall energy system by regulating your endocrine system (hormone levels) and regulating your menstrual cycle.

Our secret recipe

Dr Amanda Waaldyk has created her own range of special fertility herbs after spending extensive time in China. Made from 100% pure authentic Chinese ingredients, our Angea Fertility Goddess herbal Range are of the highest quality and imported directly from China.
Our herbal range is specifically designed to meet the Four Core Stages of Natural Conception. The Herbal Range will support you during each stage of your cycle, balancing your hormones, supporting your fertility and regulating your cycle.

Natural conception teas including our 4 phases

Our exclusive range of fertility herbs work to support the four stages of conception: